Sunday, 18 September 2011

TUK Kitty Shoes Review and Outfit Pictures!

This time around I decided to do a product review! One of the main reasons is that when I was in the 'will I, won't I' stage of buying these shoes, I was unable to find a decent review of them anywhere. I also couldn't find any useful pictures of anyone wearing them and showing how they can be styled, all things which are handy if you're debating over a new purchase. I saved up for these bad boys all summer and I'm glad I did. They are definitely one of my favourite pairs of shoes! :)

To start off, they look amazingly cute but aren't too in your face. I think they add a fun bit of personality and are a good conversation starter. I receive lots of compliments on them, both from strangers and from people I know, and they receive lots of second glances whenever I wear them. The shoe soles have a bone print on them and they also have white lines which go around the sides of them- all nice details. 

So they're cute but are they practical and comfortable?? You frakkin betcha! They are actually quite sturdy, surprisingly so. I did find that the cross strap began to hurt my feet after I had been wearing them for a while but that's not a problem anymore, thankfully. I do think that the sizing may be a bit big so be doubly sure before you purchase! I wore them around the zoo the day after I bought them (we spent a lot of time around the lions and tigers  of course) and it was a good few hours before they began to hurt me. On the plus side they didn't leave any marks or anything like that. Very impressive compared to my docs which cut the feet off me almost immediately after I first started wearing them. Ouch. I used to wear layers of socks and plasters on my ankles and heels just to break them in! 

The TUK Kitty Shoes are quite reasonably priced at 49.99 Euros and are available in Dublin in China Blue in Temple Bar and in Belfast in The Doc Shop. I'm sure you can get them in other places but those are the two that I know of. Of course you can also order them online from the official TUK website and also from Ebay and other websites. They are vegan-friendly and come in a few different colours and fabrics. 

The Pros. 
They have cats on them.
They're comfortable and of a very high quality.
They go with most outfits.
They look so cute!
Miaow miaow miaow.

The Cons. 
The Kitty shoes are shocked that you would even have to ask...

Below are some photos which give you an idea of what they look like styled a few different ways. Not the most exciting of outfits but they do the trick, I think/hope! They look chunky in pictures on their own but they're rather streamlined when they're on, as you can see. I was a bit worried that the thick Mary Jane strap would be unflattering on me but I think they're actually quite nice. I have had them for over a month now and I've worn them quite a bit without any major issues thus far. The soles are holding up well and the stitching is all still intact, again the quality is pretty damned epic!  

Casual Kitty Shoes

Fancified Kitty Shoes

Shiloh from The Genetic Opera inspired Kitty Shoes

I couldn't recommend these shoes highly enough! 


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Thank you lovely! There really are just fantastic shoes. :)

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aww! so cute shoes! love them! :D and you look so beautiful! <3

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