Thursday, 12 January 2012

Irish Mythology Post: The Dullahan

Time for another instalment of Irish mythology me thinks. For this post I chose to write about the Irish version of the headless horseman, I didn't even know we had one until I started researching this kind of thing for my blog. I love learning about all these hardcore myths and legends with you guys! 

The Dullahan is a type of Irish faerie who sits headless atop a fire-breathing black stallion. He carries his head under one arm and a whip made from a human spinal cord in the other. He holds his grinning head up high to allow him to see across vast distances and he sometimes uses it as a lantern to light up the blackest of nights .

Image labelled for resue. Click for source.
(Ok so not directly realated to The Dullahan but close enough,
had a hard time finding licensed images for this one! :) )

If you are unfortunate enough to gaze upon The Dullahan then you should expect a bucket of blood to be cast upon your face. Sometimes The Dullahan renders onlookers blind in one eye as punishment for catching sight of him. The Dullahan is the harbringer of death and sucks the souls from humans after calling their name out. All locks, doors and gates open of their own accord as The Dullahan approaches and cannot be closed in his presence. 

The Dullahan has also been known to command a silent black coach headed by six black horses, a coach which travels so fast that it sets the road beneath it alight. 

Oddly this faerie has a fear of gold, one small gold coin is enough to ward The Dullahan away. The question is, for how long?

Miaow. x


Katelynn said...

Very Interesting, Mythology has always interested me.

linnea-maria said...

Great story! Perfect for bedtime :-) . I think your posts about Irish mythology is so interesting. I would like to learn more of it and more of my own country s myth s

Cherish said...

Wow...Irish mythology is so interesting!

Hmm. Maybe gold coins all around your house might do something? :)

Snowhyte said...

That is really interesting...human spinal cord whip eh? Hope I don't meet up with him any time soon..

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and commenting! :) x

AsylumAlice said...

The Dullahan are awesome! I love all Irish folklore so much...