Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Irish Mythology- The Banshee

I'm sure many of you have already heard of the concept of the banshee. She is an Irish spirit that is considered to be an omen of death. Mythology surrounding the figure tells us that she is heard wailing a horrible high pitched scream if someone is about to die. She is also sometimes seen washing the blood stained clothes of those about to die. 

It is said that particular families have a banshee attached to them, namely those with the old names of the chieftains of the Gaels and she is said to follow descendants of these family lines abroad in their travels. Nobody really knows why the Banshee is attached to certain family lines. 

She is said to appear in one of three guises, a young woman, a matronly figure or an old hag. These three forms are meant to represent the triple aspect of the Celtic goddess of war and death- Badhbh. 

She wears all white, has long flowing pale silvery hair and her eyes are always red from centuries of crying. 

She goes by other names such as The White Lady of Sorrow, The Angel of Death and The Lady of Death. 

Have you guys ever heard of the banshee before? Maybe you know some interesting stories or facts that I left out?
I would love to hear!


Monday, 11 February 2013

Outfit Post- Casual

Hey guys!

Although I love dressing up, I also love having days where I focus on comfort. This is something I wore on a very rainy windy day to do a few bits (i.e. run errands) and I wore it again a few days later when I had to get changed quickly after work to go out again.

Benson the bear that's a hat and the hat that's a bear
heavy coat and scarf
still actually quite cold but hey it could be worse
It's fairly basic, leggings with a long vest top from H&M to keep things covered
 but the best thing is this bat t-shirt that I bought from Zara in the January sales
It's velvet! How cool is this guy? Surprised I don't have a name for him because I
like to name inanimate objects
I didn't bother with any make-up but I did paint my nails in this very pretty shimmering white shade
Essence: 102 Sparkling Water Lilly 
I think its always good to have some quick and comfy outfits planned in case you are suddenly in a rush to go somewhere!

What about you guys? Do you have outfits in mind or do you just decide in the mornings when you get up?  What kinds of things do you wear when you decide to dress down for the day?

I would love to hear back!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

January Favourites

Hey guys,

I acquired some really awesome things this month so what follows is a post about my favourite stuffs for the month of January. Enjoy!
The Cure! I love this t-shirt.

The back looks like this. 

My boyfriend bought me this for Christmas. I felt bad because I pointed it out
in a shop just because it was right there as we were passing
but he took it as a hint and actually bought it for me.
Which was amazing :)

This is Benson. He's a bear that's a hat and a hat that's a bear.
He is gigantic.
I love him. 

Not the best photo I could get but this is Catrice  Ultimate
Nail Lacquer in shade number 70 'Caught on the Red Carpet'
Two coats and it doesn't chip for a few days.
Good value for under 3euro

My Urban Decay Smoked Palette which was
a Christmas present from my sister

What about you guys? Any products/items you've fallen in love with in January?

I would love to hear!

Friday, 1 February 2013

My Favourite Posts for January

Hey everyone,

January is over and we are already one month into 2013! As usual I read a lot of great posts and I just wanted to share some of my favourite ones (in no particular order) with you guys:

1) Mary Rose of The Everyday Goth is on a quest to highlight under appreciated accessories and I loved her feature on spats! 

2) Alice from Aversion to Colour wrote a really fascinating post on Ballyboley Forest, her story on the haunted forest gave me the chills.

3) Linnea-Maria has a new arrival at her home in the shape of an adorable fluffy rabbit which she wrote about here. 

4) Sary Walrus from The Walrus Room made a post showing off a dress with a heart shaped cut-out at  the back. I love details like that because they always make an impression. 

Hope you all enjoy reading these posts if you haven't already.