Saturday, 24 November 2012

Winter Woolies!

It's cold.

Today was one of the coldest days yet here in Ireland. Aside from a driving lesson and a thirty minute walk I spent the majority of my day in fleece pyjamas and in bed with my electric blanket on.  And whilst it is only November I also watched Miracle on 34th street because that's how I roll.

Anyway, on with the post! In light of the approaching frost I figured it was a good time to share some of my tips on keeping warm with you guys. Enjoy!
  • Layer. Layer layer layer. All those string tops and vests that you put at the back of the wardrobe as soon as the first frost hits? Wear them underneath your clothes in winter as an extra layer. It really does help! :)
  • Leggings are your best friend. I don't like jeans or trousers and always get annoyed by people implying that you can't wear skirts in winter and stay warm. Substitute leggings for your tights where possible, I use cheap ones from Penney's/Primark and they do the job! 
  • Alternatively wear your tights underneath legging for extra extra warmth 
  • Fingerless gloves are useful if you need to use your hands but still want to keep warm. I work with animals so having my hands fairly mobile is important. You can buy thermal ones and cut the fingers out
  • Wear many many many pairs of socks. Ski socks are good. Nothing worse than cold feet. You will never feel warm if your feet can't heat up! 
  • Thermal vests and t shirts are light and warm. WARM.
  • If you're doing work outside or if you are really cold then boil the kettle and fill a bowl with the water. Every now and again dip your fingers in the hot water
  • Hats gloves and scarves. Simple but effective! I see lots of people without scarves and I just don't understand! 
  • One of my favourite Winter breakfasts is porridge with honey and cinnamon, its so warm and filling
  • Mulled wine if you are old enough/hot chocolate just in general are two very good drinks for making you feel all toasty and warm
  • Buy a travel flask and fill it with a drink of your choice- tea, coffee, soup etc. Good for when you are waiting on public transport and freezing your unmentionables off

As though I could write a post on this topic and not include this theme song!

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Goth girl problems.

After Sary Walrus posted this cute video I thought a post with my goth girl problems would be fun.

  • Losing black things amongst other black things. I bought an expensive black make-up brush which I proceeded to lose for the next week in my room full of black stuff. In fact I recently bought a white phone on purpose for that very reason
  • When your tights don't have ENOUGH holes and rips
  • When you put your corset on first. Remember its boots first and then corset 
  • When that gorgeous lace top comes in every colour except for black
  • Not having enough time to do your eye makeup properly. Because thirty full minutes is apparently not enough time
  • Smacking your head of the overhead luggage holder on the bus because you forgot that your Demonias make you four inches taller and thus you have to sit down sooner than normal
  • When you cut your fringe unevenly. Every damn time! 
  • When your Demonias get caught in a stool at the goth club and you end up dragging it halfway across the room before you realise what happened 
  • That powder says translucent but its still slightly orange
  • When you don't have enough money to buy all the bat-shaped things at Halloween 
  • Spending hours on an intricate nail design only for it to chip when you apply your eye-liner
  • Not having a back up eye-liner ready and running out
  • Hitting other people in the club whilst industrial dancing
What are your goth girl/guy problems?

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Retiring My Beloved Doc Martens

Hello everyone! :)

Today's post is on the retirement of my eight year old baby Doc Marten boots. 

I bought my first pair of docs when I was 15. I worked for two weeks in a local newsagents before realising that the schedule would interfere with my school work too much. So I took my two weeks wages to Dublin and bought my 8 hole docs. After I bought them I decided that they didn't look good on me but a little while later I began to wear them more and more and continued to wear them pretty much continuously for the last eight years. However I replaced them last week after saving up enough money to do so- there is a hole in one of them big enough to put your fingers through and whilst it does look kinda cool, it is cold and wet when it rains! 

I have worn these boots to China, Switzerland, Germany and probably loads more I can't remember. Multiple gigs. Many nights out. Throughout the duration of my two college degrees.  Rain hail and snow. I wore them on my first ever proper night out. Even as my style changed these boots were a constant. It may seem silly but I am so incredibly attached to these boots. So much history! 

Looking good for eight years of pretty much continuous wear, no? 

Unfortunately in cold wet weather this is a problem. I live in Ireland.
It's cold and wet here a lot! 

Behold my new babies. They are eight hole again but this time in
sexy patent leather.
I love them.
I bought a pair of patent ones because I love love love patent and whilst I didn't have a problem with the style of my first ones, I thought a change would be good. They have already kept me company during a night in A&E (muscle strain causing dizziness nothing madly serious) so I think that they shall be part of many more interesting memories.

Yes I really do care this much about my boots ;)

What about you guys? Anything you are very attached to and dread having to replace/retire one day? I would love to hear about it!


Monday, 5 November 2012

Halloween Shaped Finds!

Hey guys! 

So after Cherish at Babybat's Blog showed us her awesome Halloween finds  I figured I would share some of mine also.


Bat stickers. Easily removable but still sicking quite well.
They glitter around the sides and it was 4 Euro for the lot! 

T-shirts courtesy of Penneys/Primark. The Hello Kitty one was 7 Euro and the others
were 3 Euro each. I sleep in the one on the right.

A stream of bats. Kind of cheap looking so may not last much longer but pretty all the same.
Around 3 Euro for the lot I think. 

My awesome skull mug. He was 2 Euro and is quite durable.
I drink water from him mostly. I tried him in the microwave but he started to get hairline cracks.

Skeleton basket and two fluffy pens,
I also put my nail varnish in here.

What did you guys buy this year?

Friday, 2 November 2012

Rebecca Through the Ages

Hello everyone! 

So I was looking around for some blog inspiration and it occured to me that I haven't done one of those 'Through the Ages' kinds of posts. I dug the majority of these pictures up from forgotten photo albums on Facebook and one or two were already up on my blog. Enjoy! :)

So I was 16/17 and hadn't a clue about maintaining hair colour or trimming my hair or anything really.  I loved that red vest and sparkly scarf soooo much. First night I ever got drunk too. I was wearing blue jeans with this.
My style then was jeans and vest tops with cardigans and little decorative neck scarves.
As in that's ALL I wore ever.

My debs! I was 17 and only a month away from 18. My dress was floor length red satin and my hair was a nice warm dark brown. I got so many compliments on that dress. 

I was 19.
Before I learned about the joys of filling in one's eyebrows
and foundation that actually LASTS!
And liquid eyeliner.
Love my hair colour here though actually. 

When I was around 20 and had awesome hair. I miss that fringe but couldn't have it now with work.
My hair was quite short here actually and this was one of the last times in my life that I wore jeans.

International suit up day when I was  maybe  20  or so. Tiny hat.  Although I was dressed up I would
definitely wear something like this with a shorter jacket and bigger boots nowadays just cus.
My hair was red again. 
My grad ball when I was 21. My hair was straight. Tiny hat + corset= slowly developing style.
Thank Christ. 

22 and a casual night in Dominion which is a goth club in Dublin city.
My hair is dyed black again and I had stopped using sulphates and silicones in my hair for well over a year
at this point. The curl is more defined and much shinier. Woo! 

22 and still with the better fitting clothes and well applied make-up.
I love that shirt.  

I look so awkward in this photo!
This is pretty much how I dress these days.
Kind of crazy when you compare to the first picture!
Neck chokers, gloves and stompy boots form the basis of my
current style.
So there you have it. I've never been one to feature in photographs so it was difficult to find some diverse ones but I think you can still get the idea! I went from casual jeans and t-shirts to a more groomed and generally improved and put together style. 

Thanks for reading and hope you all had a lovely Halloween :)