Thursday, 15 November 2012

Goth girl problems.

After Sary Walrus posted this cute video I thought a post with my goth girl problems would be fun.

  • Losing black things amongst other black things. I bought an expensive black make-up brush which I proceeded to lose for the next week in my room full of black stuff. In fact I recently bought a white phone on purpose for that very reason
  • When your tights don't have ENOUGH holes and rips
  • When you put your corset on first. Remember its boots first and then corset 
  • When that gorgeous lace top comes in every colour except for black
  • Not having enough time to do your eye makeup properly. Because thirty full minutes is apparently not enough time
  • Smacking your head of the overhead luggage holder on the bus because you forgot that your Demonias make you four inches taller and thus you have to sit down sooner than normal
  • When you cut your fringe unevenly. Every damn time! 
  • When your Demonias get caught in a stool at the goth club and you end up dragging it halfway across the room before you realise what happened 
  • That powder says translucent but its still slightly orange
  • When you don't have enough money to buy all the bat-shaped things at Halloween 
  • Spending hours on an intricate nail design only for it to chip when you apply your eye-liner
  • Not having a back up eye-liner ready and running out
  • Hitting other people in the club whilst industrial dancing
What are your goth girl/guy problems?


Karoliina Kalma said...

Getting stuck with my other half when kissing, that was back when we both wore lip piercings and mine was a horseshoe, his was a ring ;P

Miss Eva Morgan Reeve said...

When your blacks don't match.

SaryWalrus said...

Gosh, I agree with all of these! Also, thanks for the link! :3

Mine would be:
- Spending hours searching through my stocking drawer because you have to check to pattern and how holey each pair is currently.
- Being too lazy to DIY all the clothes you bought specifically to DIY.
- Never enough accessories.

CatacombxKitten said...

Haha, these are all so true!

I can think of two more at the moment:
- Putting on all of your attire: corset, boots, tights... to finally realize you should've gone to the bathroom before all that.
- Having people tell you there are holes in your tights.

Capitaine Ina said...

Putting lights on to find a piece of clothing, then realizing I had already lights on.

Siren dep said...

1. not finding waterproof eye liner of quality
2. not finding a lace dress that doesn't flare
3.sweat ruining makeup and hair in summer

Laura Morrigan said...

I love these! I always like to say Goth problems when hilarious things happen like my bird pooped on my Edgar Allan Poe book. My best friend and I find that it is hard to find light enough makeup, although she is waaay paler than I am! Also I can never find lipstick the exact shade of the blood of my enemies!