Saturday, 24 November 2012

Winter Woolies!

It's cold.

Today was one of the coldest days yet here in Ireland. Aside from a driving lesson and a thirty minute walk I spent the majority of my day in fleece pyjamas and in bed with my electric blanket on.  And whilst it is only November I also watched Miracle on 34th street because that's how I roll.

Anyway, on with the post! In light of the approaching frost I figured it was a good time to share some of my tips on keeping warm with you guys. Enjoy!
  • Layer. Layer layer layer. All those string tops and vests that you put at the back of the wardrobe as soon as the first frost hits? Wear them underneath your clothes in winter as an extra layer. It really does help! :)
  • Leggings are your best friend. I don't like jeans or trousers and always get annoyed by people implying that you can't wear skirts in winter and stay warm. Substitute leggings for your tights where possible, I use cheap ones from Penney's/Primark and they do the job! 
  • Alternatively wear your tights underneath legging for extra extra warmth 
  • Fingerless gloves are useful if you need to use your hands but still want to keep warm. I work with animals so having my hands fairly mobile is important. You can buy thermal ones and cut the fingers out
  • Wear many many many pairs of socks. Ski socks are good. Nothing worse than cold feet. You will never feel warm if your feet can't heat up! 
  • Thermal vests and t shirts are light and warm. WARM.
  • If you're doing work outside or if you are really cold then boil the kettle and fill a bowl with the water. Every now and again dip your fingers in the hot water
  • Hats gloves and scarves. Simple but effective! I see lots of people without scarves and I just don't understand! 
  • One of my favourite Winter breakfasts is porridge with honey and cinnamon, its so warm and filling
  • Mulled wine if you are old enough/hot chocolate just in general are two very good drinks for making you feel all toasty and warm
  • Buy a travel flask and fill it with a drink of your choice- tea, coffee, soup etc. Good for when you are waiting on public transport and freezing your unmentionables off

As though I could write a post on this topic and not include this theme song!

Hope you enjoyed the read!


Chris Hewson said...

As for 'the great downunder', it's hot. HOT!
I would write a blog post that's a list that's the opposite to this one, but really, there is no easy way to cool down in extreme heat beyond 'buy an AMAZING air conditioner', or 'suffer and bear it'!

linnea-maria said...

It's almost december and we haven't got snow yet I hate that. I use legwarmers on top of my leggings. Finger gloves with mittens gives double layers and extra warmth. Wool is a fantastic material when it's cold. I love my wool socks.

Bazinga. said...

We got our first tiny bit of snow here today and they say there's coming even more tonight, so I'm just hoping I'll get home safely from my internship XD (well, actually it's more of a question whether I'll get home by train or if I'm going to have to call someone to come pick me up, because the trains usually stop going in The Netherlands as soon as the first snowflake is so much as even mentioned).