Sunday, 20 November 2011

Vicious Attack on Two Goths.

Although Amy over at The Ultimate Goth Guide has already made a blog post about this terrible attack, I decided to make one myself in case anyone didn't read hers. I urge others to make a post about it also. 

Earlier this week, October 5th, a pair of goths were attacked on a tram in Bury simply because their attackers had a problem with the way that they were dressed. 

The female victim, 22, was headbutted before her attacker proceeded to stamp her in the face five times. She has a fractured eye-socket as a result of this unprovoked and thoroughly terrifying attack. Words fail me, I am utterly disgusted. 

The male victim, 29, was punched to the ground and repeatedly kicked. He suffered a black eye and an ear injury. 

The two attackers responsible had made comments on the victims style of dress prior to the attack

Speaking of the attack Sylvia Lancaster stated that 'This is just the sort of ignorant behaviour that needs to be stopped. I am really pleased that these young people reported it to the police. Attacks and attitudes like this have no place in society'.

Below are CCTV images of two of the three men responsible. 

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Should anyone recognise these two men then they should call 0161 856 8163 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

More Mythology.

Hey guys,

I figured that I was long overdue a post on Irish/Celtic mythology. I decided to rectify this with a post explaining my blog title! Hope you enjoy!

The Phantom Cat

Phantom Cats are essentially large felines who are spotted roaming around outside of their indigenous territory. There is nothing alien or supernatural about them, they are simply out of place! I love big cats and my first ever school project was on big cats- cheetahs and panthers being among my favourite. Here in Ireland there have been sightings in places such as The Phoenix Park. I thought it was a cool name!
The Celtic Otherworld

The 'Otherworld' part of my blog post comes from the concept of the Celtic Otherworld, the realm of the dead. In Irish mythology it appears to be akin to a kind of heaven, it's inhabitants never grow old and there is no sickness. Often-times it was thought to exist underwater, underground or alongside the human world. It was most strongly associated with the sea and with waves, a point which makes sense when you consider the fact that Ireland is an island. Although it may be understood as a kind of heaven, it has nothing to do with the Christian concept of Heaven or Hell. Such places appear throughout various mythologies, for example Elysium. Elysium is a Greek version of the afterlife which sees it's inhabitants enjoying a beautiful and happy life after death.

Many Otherworld tales tell of a beautiful maiden who lures a human male to these summer-lands in exchange for his help in battle. Of course, they are usually never seen again.  Such tales say that the voyage was made in glass boat or a white horse. I myself am most familiar with tales involving a white horse.

Image labelled for reuse. Click for source.
Come Children of the Night

I got this line from Bram Stoker's Dracula, the exact quote being 'Listen to them: children of the night. What music they make'.

Thanks for reading.
Rebecca. x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Outfit Post!

Hey guys!

Sorry for my distinct lack of blogging! It's because I... finally got a job!! I work with animals so its quite demanding, it didn't help that I was down with a cold all last week either. Hehe. I survived nevertheless and will hopefully continue to blog regularly once I settle into my new work routine. At least I'll be able to afford some pretty new purchases to blog about ;)

I apologise if I am slow to write back to comments, I do read and REALLY appreciate all your feedback. 

I hope to do some more mythology related posts over the coming weeks, they seem popular and I love researching them!

I was off this weekend and so headed out to pick up some supplies for work, i.e. heavy fleeces and warm socks. I took some of my favourite things in my wardrobe and made an outfit with them! I quite like the contrast between the graphic t-shirt and the very feminine skirt but some people might not, let me know if you think it works! I'm not all that attached to the outfit so if it isn't popular I won't mind abandoning it! I cut the loose string off soon after the photo was taken, I didn't notice it for ages! It's all I can see when I look at this photo! 

The Lost Boys t-shirt 30 Euro-  Fresh in Temple Bar
Black cardigan 12.99 Euro- H&M
Waist belt- free with some fashion magazine YEARS ago.
Skirt 7.99 Euro- Zara
TUK Kitty Shoes 49.99 Euro- China Blue in Temple Bar

I actually featured this skirt in a previous post, here.

The make-up. A simple smoky eye!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post.

Rebecca. x

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Monthly Theme- Arm-warmers!

Hello there my lovelies!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! I went out last week as Bellatrix Lestrange and spent the night itself just watching some classics such as Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice! I don't actually like to go outside on Halloween night because some of the young-un's here where I live tend to get a bit rowdy. Aiming fireworks at each other (??!) and shouting abusive things at you down the street for example...

Moving on with the post! At the beginning of each month VictorianKitty of Sophistique Noir picks a theme and you design a blog post around said theme! This time around the theme is arm warmers and so I present to you my (limited) collection of arm warming accessories! I was so inspired by Kamyria's beautiful lacy DIY armwarmers but unfortunately couldn't find the time to follow suit and make myself some. I plan to at some point though! 

These arm-warmers were actually thigh highs that I bought in Primark. They turned out to be terribly unflattering and so I fashioned them into arm-warmers. I actually prefer them this way! 

Another recycled Primark purchase! These were originally the sleeves of a stretchy top but I cut them off to make the top into a ripped up t-shirt. I put slits in the sleeves before I cut them off and so I kept them as arm-warmers. I love these! :)

I have had these arm-warmers since I was around 13. My fave way to wear them was with a Nirvana t-shirt and really baggy black chord jeans. God I loved that outfit! Now that I know the joys of figure-flattering clothes I am more likely to be spotted in an ensemble not too dissimilar from the one above! The purple in the arm-warmers and the purple in my t-shirt look better together in person, they colours are a bit off in this photo. I find that these also double up well as colorful socks, indeed they functioned as such for my Bellatrix Lestrange outfit! 

I couldn't get a good picture of these! These would be the tights featured in this post. Unfortunately they ripped the first time that I wore them and so they were turned into armwarmers! Again from Primark! 

I hope you enjoyed my post and I can't wait to read everyone else's!

Miaow Miaow.
Rebecca. x