Sunday, 20 November 2011

Vicious Attack on Two Goths.

Although Amy over at The Ultimate Goth Guide has already made a blog post about this terrible attack, I decided to make one myself in case anyone didn't read hers. I urge others to make a post about it also. 

Earlier this week, October 5th, a pair of goths were attacked on a tram in Bury simply because their attackers had a problem with the way that they were dressed. 

The female victim, 22, was headbutted before her attacker proceeded to stamp her in the face five times. She has a fractured eye-socket as a result of this unprovoked and thoroughly terrifying attack. Words fail me, I am utterly disgusted. 

The male victim, 29, was punched to the ground and repeatedly kicked. He suffered a black eye and an ear injury. 

The two attackers responsible had made comments on the victims style of dress prior to the attack

Speaking of the attack Sylvia Lancaster stated that 'This is just the sort of ignorant behaviour that needs to be stopped. I am really pleased that these young people reported it to the police. Attacks and attitudes like this have no place in society'.

Below are CCTV images of two of the three men responsible. 

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Should anyone recognise these two men then they should call 0161 856 8163 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 


Koalalovespikmin said...

thats horrible, I hope the two victims will make a safe recovery but (please pardon my language for the following) what sort of motherfuckers would do something so disgusting and horrible to someone because of the way they dress? If they didn't like them they should have simply ignored them, seriously I hope they get punished because no human being should be treated that why by something as trivial and how they were dressed!!! ><

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

I know it's really scary and terrible. They were just on a night out minding their own business and were attacked simply for their appearance. I agree with what you say entirely, I hope they get punished. No problem regarding language, its hard not to swear when discussing something like this!