Tuesday, 17 April 2012

[Dark] Sunshine Award

So I'm years behind but I'm finally getting around to this award business.

Thank you so much to Le Professeur Gothique and Celeste  for nominating me for this award despite my extreme lack of blogging presence recently :)

Rules for the [Dark] Sunshine Award.

  • Post the award picture with a backlink to the person that nominated you
  • Answer the questions posed to you
  • Nominate ten or more bloggers

  1. Favourite colour: Black purple red.
  2. Favourite animal: Cats and bats.
  3. Favourite number: ... eh... 3? 
  4. Favourite non alcoholic drink: Coffee or tea.
  5. Facebook or twitter: Facebook.
  6. My passion: Writing, animals, things of the colour black.
  7. Getting or giving presents. Giving definitely.
  8. Favourite pattern: ... eh...
  9. Favourite day of the week: My days off work when I get to properly get my goth on. Also the Saturdays that I get to to to Dominion in Dublin.
  10. Favourite flower: Roses, duh.
My Nominations

Most of these folks have already been nominated but hey, there's no rules against that :)


Thursday, 5 April 2012

It's Alllliiiive!

Hello to all of my lovely followers and readers! 

I'm sorry about my extended absence from the Blogosphere of late, I have genuinely missed being an active member of the community but have had a very busy couple of weeks which prevented me from getting my blog on. Thank you so much to all of my new followers and I hope that everyone enjoys this post!

Today I had a day off work and felt like unwinding. So I got fancified up, went to a few museums in Dublin and did a little bit of shopping. Which to me are all valid ways to unwind! Of course I took some photos so I figured I would share with you guys. 

This is what I wore! Got this shirt on boohoo.com for 15 Euro which I felt to be all kinds of epic. Check out the sleeve-span!

My make-up went as follows:

I went in for the Egyptian exhibition in the National Museum of Archaeology but it was disappointingly small, only one room! I also went for a wander around the other exhibitions. What follows is picspam, enjoy! I essentially just took photos of things that I figured you guys would like to see! :)
Unsure. Pretty though! 

Collection of Egyptian funerary bits and pieces.

Medieval cross

Loads cool keys and such.

The skeleton of a Viking warrior buried with his sword.

Skulls and chains. These skulls were mutilated, the one on the left was stabbed more than 20 times. Possibly the skulls of hostages or slaves. Fun times. 

After that I went to the National Library to the W.B. Yeats exhibition which was fantastic. This caught my eye immediately, it's an illustration for the poem 'The Stolen Child' by Yeats. The illustrator's name is Cormac Figgis. 

You can read The Stolen Child here which I thoroughly recommend doing because it's quite beautiful and eerie. 

Finally I picked up a few bits and pieces including this awesome cat necklace. It was only one euro and is all kinds of purdy.

Until next time!
Rebecca :)