Tuesday, 17 April 2012

[Dark] Sunshine Award

So I'm years behind but I'm finally getting around to this award business.

Thank you so much to Le Professeur Gothique and Celeste  for nominating me for this award despite my extreme lack of blogging presence recently :)

Rules for the [Dark] Sunshine Award.

  • Post the award picture with a backlink to the person that nominated you
  • Answer the questions posed to you
  • Nominate ten or more bloggers

  1. Favourite colour: Black purple red.
  2. Favourite animal: Cats and bats.
  3. Favourite number: ... eh... 3? 
  4. Favourite non alcoholic drink: Coffee or tea.
  5. Facebook or twitter: Facebook.
  6. My passion: Writing, animals, things of the colour black.
  7. Getting or giving presents. Giving definitely.
  8. Favourite pattern: ... eh...
  9. Favourite day of the week: My days off work when I get to properly get my goth on. Also the Saturdays that I get to to to Dominion in Dublin.
  10. Favourite flower: Roses, duh.
My Nominations

Most of these folks have already been nominated but hey, there's no rules against that :)



Snowhyte said...

Thank you for the nomination! I posted about this previously but will edit to add mention of your nomination, much appreciated ^_^

Cherish said...

Thanks so much for the nomination! :)

I haven't actually been nominated yet, so I kind of squeaked all over the place when I checked out this post. :D

linnea-maria said...

Thanks for your nomination! Interesting to read your answers. I wish I had a nice club nearby to go to and dance or listen to music.

Vanitas Glemsel said...

Your blog is very inspiring.In my blog you've got the prize "Your blog inspires me".