Saturday, 3 March 2018

Snow Kitty Blogs from the Arctic Isle

Greetings from a very cold kitty in a very snowy Ireland!

As you may or may not be aware, Ireland has been experiencing some insane weather the last few days. From what I understand, two storms met and the result was the worst snow we have had since the 80's. The entire country has been more or less snowed in the last few days with no public transport working. On Thursday there was a status red warning issued and the public was urged to stay indoors after 4pm until 12pm Friday.  This warning was then extended until 9am Saturday (today), the snow fell non stop for at least 24 hours. In Ireland. In March.

Needless to say, this is the craziest weather I have ever experienced! Lennart was in his element, he was born during a blizzard so maybe that's why! I enjoyed it but it made me super tired for some reason. I was so drowsy during the worst of it. It has started to thaw out today so normality is slowly creeping in. I spent my snow days sleeping in, drawing, singing and taking pictures. It was.... needed. I feel fresher and lighter again. 

During our trek out. Lennart made a massive snowball! We went to tesco before it closed and bought crisps and chocolate. Also how pretty is my white ski jacket? I love this thing. Knee high docs proved a winner too. 

In terms of life updates, things have been interesting for me recently. I took a new job that ended up not being right for me... at all. I have been so stressed the last few months and after weighing it up, I chose to find something new. I will be starting the new role soon. I am extremely excited about my new job but sad that the current one didn't work out. 

I have also finally started singing lessons along with belly dancing classes. My body is very rigid at the moment so I think the dancing will be good for me! I have also found myself drawing more and doing more photography so I have definitely gotten in touch with my creative side again lately. My confidence is growing finally and I am bouncing back from a few things that knocked me back. I feel new somehow, it's nice.  

Sometimes we have to go sideways or even backwards to know the path that we really want to take. 

Totally random blog post but life has been a bit random and mad lately! :)

Until next time pretty kitties,

Monday, 14 August 2017

The Meeting of the Waters

Hey everyone!

Recently myself and Lennart took a roadtrip to Co. Wicklow to meet his mam and sister for a spot of blueberry picking! We met up in a place I'd never been called The Meeting of the Waters and then we took a trip around some lovely destinations in Wicklow as we scouted for blueberries. I took some pictures along the way for my blog as the places we went really were quite beautiful.  These first few photos are from The Meeting of the Waters where the Avonmore and Beg rivers merge to form the Avoca River. 

We stopped in a place called The Sally Gap in the Wicklow Mountains which is a road I know very well from childhood trips to visit my granny in Wicklow.

Next we saw 'The Guinness Lake'! I've never been before but it was so gorgeous. Wicklow is known as the garden of Ireland and I can see why.

Lennart even agreed to a photo which is rare! 

Little update- my colourist gave me a purple tinge to my blonde hair on my last visit, you can really see the contrast with this and the above photo. I love the colour and will be trying my best to maintain it!

Thats all from me, hope you are all keeping well. Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Fresh Air and New Beginnings: Kitten Takes on Dublin

Good evening to you from the Emerald Isle dear reader, I hope I find you well! It has been so long since my last update here and so much has happened.

My last blog post was written when I was still self employed and myself and my fiance were living with his family. Now I write to you from the kitchen of our very own apartment and I feel so happy to have this space of our own finally. It has been beautiful weather in Ireland the last two days and as the heat winds down I am enjoying the breeze circling in from out patio doors. I have spent the day singing, drawing and we went out earlier for some coffee from our favourite spot in our new town, to have the freedom to spend the day like this has been just perfect.

It's Sunday now and I am off work tomorrow before starting again Tuesday to Saturday. I now have a full time job in the sales department for a very big company. It's an open plan call centre and to say it is a unique environment would be an understatement! I've been loving my choice so far and as I come to the end of month 5 there I have realised more and more just how important this move has been for me. I have learned so much and grown so much and that was what I wanted the most. Things had become stagnant before and I was in need of new challenges and opportunities.

The only downside is the length of time it takes me to get to work, I have such little time for hobbies during the week which can be a bit stifling. As free and accepting  as my work environment is,there is only so much room for self expression in a professional setting. Our aim will be to move closer to the city next year hopefully as this routine can only last so long but in general it has been a step in the right direction and a breath of fresh air.

On the less profound side of update land I am also very excited about the length of my hair! I have been patiently growing it now for a while and it is coming along nicely.

In terms of style updates I admit my style has been evolving too. These are some photos I took recently of a cute little dress I got for around Five euro from Pennys. I paired it with a lace shrug from Forever 21 I picked up many moons ago. I have been enjoying simple outfits more lately although I can feel the distant stirrings of new creativity with fashion,whatever that will entail I don't know. Monochrome and stripes will always feature but lately I have been so drawn to blue and red and bold colours like that.

For now I shall leave things there and cook up something nice for dinner. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Kitten- out

Monday, 22 August 2016

DIY- Batty Sun Hat.

Hello everyone and welcome to today's blog post! Recently I picked up this plain sun hat in Penneys as the weather had been really really warm. For some reason the black version of this hat is really expensive to buy everywhere lately so I opted for this one instead. I soon got bored of its plain appearance and so decided to jazz it up with some bats! I drew the bat, cut it out with a craft knife and used it as a stencil. It took a few tries to get a usable stencil but overall it was was fairly quick and easy, surprisingly so! 

Black fabric paint, paintbrushes and a thingy for pouring the paint into!

BAT! Bat bat bat. 

I used the one stencil for the whole thing and once I was careful not to transfer any of the black around, it worked perfectly! I used masking tape to secure it each time I painted a new bat. Its not perfect and the paint ran a bit but I'm really pleased with how it turned out! 

 I replaced the brown string around the rim with this piece of black lace as a finishing touch.

Haz halo of bats now! 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Outfit post!

Hey everyone this is a short post showing an outfit I wore a while back that I really liked! I enjoy a dressy casual kinda style most of the time and I was really pleased with this simple look.

The top and necklace are both from New Look, the belt is from a magazine years ago, the shorts are from Pennys and the boots are my usual Docs (I'll be buried in these things). I wasn't feeling the makeup vibe so I kept it fairly simple. 

I really love the sleeves on this top! Swishy swishy.

The belt worked much better than I expected, sometimes these waist belts can look a bit strange I find. This came with a magazine though, how cool is that. It's ancient and the silver is faded but I've never been able to find a suitable replacement. 

This choker is gorgeous, I reeally love it. I think it goes well with the style of top!

Recently I have been LOVING this cover of The Cure's A Forest by Clan of Xymox. I think COX may be my favourite but my favourite changes all the time anyway so who knows. They are definitely some of my most played. I've also been playing a lot of Joy Division lately especially at night when I'm drawing and the house is quiet. I've been so excited about music recently!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this little post!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Tintern Abbey + Two YT Videos!

Hello everyone and welcome to today's blog post!

Recently I took myself away to the gorgeous Tintern Abbey and while I was there I took some photos and recorded some footage for you. I had a headache that day from the thundery weird weather we'd been having and so I wanted to do something positive with the day to make myself feel better. A walk around the abbey and the grounds in the fresh air for a few hours was just what I needed.

The Abbey is said to have been founded in 1200 by a Norman Knight by the name of William Marshall. He was on his way to visit Ireland when he sailed into a storm and was almost shipwrecked! He prayed to god that if he survived the shipwreck he would found an abbey wherever he landed and when he landed in Co. Wexford, that's just what he did. He granted 3.500 hectares to the Cistercian order with which to establish the Abbey. Tintern Abbey is sometimes called the Tintern of the Vow for this very reason. Ownership of the Abbey passed through any hands over the years until it eventually became property of the government. 

The walled gardens nearby were gorgeous too and I really enjoyed walking around in the fresh air! These Georgian style gardens were built in the early 19th century and have since been restored. 

I filmed a vlog style video and an outfit video, I hope you enjoy!

What are some of your favourite things to do when you are feeling under the weather?

Until next time

Friday, 22 July 2016

Of Updates and Sparkly things!

Hello beautiful beautiful internet friends! 

Some time has passed since my last post and so I thought I'd make an update post!  It has been warm and humid in the Emerald Isle for the last few weeks which has been quite the experience! I have been enjoying the warmer days I must admit but the more humid days have been a bit of a struggle. I have considerably more freckles now and have been enjoying time on the beach playing Frisbee and eating ice cream!

Dressing for the warm weather has been nice this year, probably the easiest its ever been. I feel more comfortable in shorts and summer appropriate clothes which helps a lot! I've been avoiding heavy jewellery and often wear little if any makeup. My eyes are very sensitive in summer and so eye makeup is often out of the question but I can't say I mind too much! 

This is a look I wore today which I think was a success! On very warm days I would wear shorts and a strappy top of some kind but it was a bit overcast today so this worked well. The weather here is very changeable but I'm getting the hang of picking the right things to be comfortable in. I hope!

Look at the sparkles! So pretty and dressy whilst also suiting the temperature nicely.

Oh hai! Iz warm. Haz a sparkle. Hope you haz a sparkle too. K bye.

I wore these earrings earlier in the day too, they are nice and light and help me feel a bit dressed up without feeling weighed down!

One of my new Year's Resolutions was to get back into guitar and singing and so I recently picked up this second hand guitar! It is exactly what I was looking for and I've been so much happier in myself since I got it! 

Just yesterday I took my camera for a walk and I took a few okish pictures but I'm fairly happy with this one. I was keeping an eye out for little eye catching details and noticed a feather caught in the rocks by the shore.  

That's it for today's post, I have a few upcoming ones since I've been doing a few more interesting things lately!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are!

Rebecca :)