Sunday, 17 June 2012

Warm Weather Loves and Hates

Hello lovely internet peoples :)

In light of the (in my opinion) dreaded summer months I decided to do a blog post on the things that I find both win and fail about warm weather. In general I'm fairly anti-heat; I freckle and burn easily and my hair tends to get lighter. Not to mention the fact that I get hay-fever, headaches when I'm too warm and generally just get grumpy when over-exposed to heat. Having said that, there are a few redeeming plus points to the hot weather and thus I figured a list of pros and cons would make for a fun post.


1) People asking you if you're going to start wearing colours because it's warm. NO I'M NOT.

2) People in heavy jeans and t-shirts asking if I'm not too warm in my light linen and black dress. YOU'RE.WEARING. JEANS. 

3) Make-up tends to melt off all too easily. Especially eye make-up. 

4) Gangs of annoying young people hanging around more.

5) So difficult to find anything that isn't electric or pastel coloured in the shops. 

6) Trying to find an appropriate bikini capable of holding up one's... assets ;)

I could handle summer if it meant spending it on a beach like this. Image labelled for reuse. Click for source


1) Warm weather makes everyone happy and puts a smile on everyone (else's) face.

2) Ice cream.

3) Drunken barbecues.

4) Wearing fewer layers of clothing and less make-up means getting to play with fun accessories instead.

5) When appropriately attired, lying out under the Day Star for a short while can feel amazing ;)

6) Walking around and hearing random heavy dance music pouring out of open windows. Only in summer :)

Ignoring the snow in the picture for this video, this song always makes me think of summer. 

What are your summer wins and fails? Would love to see some blog post responses  :)

Thanks for reading,
Rebecca :)


Chris Hewson said...

As for summer in Australia, well to describe it as lightly as possible...HOT FUCKING HOT! HOT!!! It gets up to 50 degrees!

How are beaches in Ireland? Are they those dreary-looking rocky ones like in England?

net said...

I tend to still cover up during summer, for many reasons but a simple reason is that its still cold indoors!! I almost always wear arm warmers because if I'm in a friend's home, or any building I'm chilly from the air conditioning. I used to have friends comment on my arm warmers before but I think they've gotten used to them by now...

Same with the black comments though - "Black attracts more heat!" OK, but I would feel awful and awkward in something like light blue. I'm fine with my dark clothing and used to it and don't need comments/questions about it.

Cpt. Purple said...

Hm, I live in Finland so I do know how it feels like to wait for the summer like a loved one lost. Wins are: swimming, how comfortable the warmth feels, everything reincarnates for a new fresh life...plenty. And fails, well practically the same as yours. Good post!

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

@Chris god that sounds HOT!! Eh some are quite nice but some are fairly dreary actually. Dreary beaches always remind me of Dracula because of all the beach and boat references in the book :)

@Net I get what you mean, sometimes its roasting outside and much cooler inside. Which is why I stay inside a lot! Arm-warmers are very useful like that. That's the thing. I'd be uncomfortable adopting a different style for summer and if you're careful, you don't need to anyways! It would be great if people could just accept that we accept it instead of commenting all the time! :)

Cpt. Purple I would love to visit Finland. Yes swimming is wonderful, don't go enough! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Thanks for stopping by, reading and taking the time to comment guys, it always makes me smile to know that people read my non-regular internet warbling!
Rebecca :) x