Thursday, 10 November 2011

More Mythology.

Hey guys,

I figured that I was long overdue a post on Irish/Celtic mythology. I decided to rectify this with a post explaining my blog title! Hope you enjoy!

The Phantom Cat

Phantom Cats are essentially large felines who are spotted roaming around outside of their indigenous territory. There is nothing alien or supernatural about them, they are simply out of place! I love big cats and my first ever school project was on big cats- cheetahs and panthers being among my favourite. Here in Ireland there have been sightings in places such as The Phoenix Park. I thought it was a cool name!
The Celtic Otherworld

The 'Otherworld' part of my blog post comes from the concept of the Celtic Otherworld, the realm of the dead. In Irish mythology it appears to be akin to a kind of heaven, it's inhabitants never grow old and there is no sickness. Often-times it was thought to exist underwater, underground or alongside the human world. It was most strongly associated with the sea and with waves, a point which makes sense when you consider the fact that Ireland is an island. Although it may be understood as a kind of heaven, it has nothing to do with the Christian concept of Heaven or Hell. Such places appear throughout various mythologies, for example Elysium. Elysium is a Greek version of the afterlife which sees it's inhabitants enjoying a beautiful and happy life after death.

Many Otherworld tales tell of a beautiful maiden who lures a human male to these summer-lands in exchange for his help in battle. Of course, they are usually never seen again.  Such tales say that the voyage was made in glass boat or a white horse. I myself am most familiar with tales involving a white horse.

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Come Children of the Night

I got this line from Bram Stoker's Dracula, the exact quote being 'Listen to them: children of the night. What music they make'.

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Miss Eva Morgan Reeve said...

I love big cats, well actually I have a thing for fat cats. Fat Grey Fluffy Cats are the best! Nothing mystical about them either. ^.^''

Cherish said...

Wow, this is really interesting, I love your mythology posts! :)

Kamyria Magdalena Mourn said...

Beautiful post Rebecca! I just love mythology and therefore I really enjoy posts like that. As to cats, cat is by far my favorite animal, I love cats in all shapes and sizes... Your explanation of a phantom cat was very interesting. It was great to discover the meaning behind your blog name. :)

Cpt. Ina said...

Geez, I love your blog. Thanks very much for this post. I've always loved Irish and Celtic mythology and music and practically anything, so I was really glad to find this. :)

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Thanks for all the comments guys!

@Ms Eva I would love to have lots of fluffy cats around the house! One day!

@Cherish I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, I will def have to make more mythology posts! I love researching them, I learned a lot of this in school and had forgotten! :)

@Kamyria Thank you so much! I love cats too, they're so amusing in their little ways. They are far more affectionate and loveable then people give them credit for. I love their independence even though some people view it as a lack of loyalty!

@ Cpt Ina I'm so happy that you enjoy my blog, your comment really made my day! :)