Monday, 5 November 2012

Halloween Shaped Finds!

Hey guys! 

So after Cherish at Babybat's Blog showed us her awesome Halloween finds  I figured I would share some of mine also.


Bat stickers. Easily removable but still sicking quite well.
They glitter around the sides and it was 4 Euro for the lot! 

T-shirts courtesy of Penneys/Primark. The Hello Kitty one was 7 Euro and the others
were 3 Euro each. I sleep in the one on the right.

A stream of bats. Kind of cheap looking so may not last much longer but pretty all the same.
Around 3 Euro for the lot I think. 

My awesome skull mug. He was 2 Euro and is quite durable.
I drink water from him mostly. I tried him in the microwave but he started to get hairline cracks.

Skeleton basket and two fluffy pens,
I also put my nail varnish in here.

What did you guys buy this year?


Cherish said...

Wow, looks like you got a lot of really awesome stuff! :)

My favorites are the bats. :DD

Eco In Black said...

I'd love to have rearrangable stickers for my day-job cube!

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Thanks guys!

Yeah I think the bat stickers were the definite win this Halloween.