Saturday, 10 November 2012

Retiring My Beloved Doc Martens

Hello everyone! :)

Today's post is on the retirement of my eight year old baby Doc Marten boots. 

I bought my first pair of docs when I was 15. I worked for two weeks in a local newsagents before realising that the schedule would interfere with my school work too much. So I took my two weeks wages to Dublin and bought my 8 hole docs. After I bought them I decided that they didn't look good on me but a little while later I began to wear them more and more and continued to wear them pretty much continuously for the last eight years. However I replaced them last week after saving up enough money to do so- there is a hole in one of them big enough to put your fingers through and whilst it does look kinda cool, it is cold and wet when it rains! 

I have worn these boots to China, Switzerland, Germany and probably loads more I can't remember. Multiple gigs. Many nights out. Throughout the duration of my two college degrees.  Rain hail and snow. I wore them on my first ever proper night out. Even as my style changed these boots were a constant. It may seem silly but I am so incredibly attached to these boots. So much history! 

Looking good for eight years of pretty much continuous wear, no? 

Unfortunately in cold wet weather this is a problem. I live in Ireland.
It's cold and wet here a lot! 

Behold my new babies. They are eight hole again but this time in
sexy patent leather.
I love them.
I bought a pair of patent ones because I love love love patent and whilst I didn't have a problem with the style of my first ones, I thought a change would be good. They have already kept me company during a night in A&E (muscle strain causing dizziness nothing madly serious) so I think that they shall be part of many more interesting memories.

Yes I really do care this much about my boots ;)

What about you guys? Anything you are very attached to and dread having to replace/retire one day? I would love to hear about it!



App'y said...

I`ve mentioned it elsewhere but I still have a blue 1980 Futurama 2 T shirt, it was the first festival I ever went to. I know I will never get it but I can`t bear to throw it out.

Chris Hewson said...

"What is that one thing that unites us? It's not class or idealogy, colour, creed or roots. The only thing that unites us, is Doctor Martin Boots!".

As for old posessions of mine, years ago (2003, I think) I taped the two Rush Hour movies (the ones with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker) that were on tv, back to back. I like those two movies a lot, but I've never bought them on DVD because I still have these two taped videos! They'll probably end up dying at some point, I don't know.

Capitaine Ina said...

Ooh, anything a bit ragged, be it clothing or shoes, is just enormously sympathetic. And I totally understand the weather problem (greetings from Finland :D).
Hmm, your question about items with nostalgic value is hard to answer as there is little or none matery that I couldn't get overly attached to, but maybe my quill pen. It is extremely inspirational as it's a real plume of a swan -how cool is that? Anyway, it holds a lot of memories and I hope I'm still writing with it when I'm old. :)
The new boots look pretty awesome too. Doc Martins are not just any boots, they're some kind of friends like a pair of reliable boots are. It's like you have identical twins beside you who follow you wherever you go despite of snow and rain.

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Appy hang onto that thing for dear life!

Chris I agree totally. Hah thats so cool I hope they last!

Capitaine Ina wow that sounds beautiful I would hold that close!

Thanks so much for the comments guys and thanks for reading :)

Rebecca xx