Tuesday, 5 February 2013

January Favourites

Hey guys,

I acquired some really awesome things this month so what follows is a post about my favourite stuffs for the month of January. Enjoy!
The Cure! I love this t-shirt.

The back looks like this. 

My boyfriend bought me this for Christmas. I felt bad because I pointed it out
in a shop just because it was right there as we were passing
but he took it as a hint and actually bought it for me.
Which was amazing :)

This is Benson. He's a bear that's a hat and a hat that's a bear.
He is gigantic.
I love him. 

Not the best photo I could get but this is Catrice  Ultimate
Nail Lacquer in shade number 70 'Caught on the Red Carpet'
Two coats and it doesn't chip for a few days.
Good value for under 3euro

My Urban Decay Smoked Palette which was
a Christmas present from my sister

What about you guys? Any products/items you've fallen in love with in January?

I would love to hear!


Chris Hewson said...


linnea-maria said...

ha ha your bear hat is awesome!! It must keep you warm and cozy :)
I use to point out perfumes myself and get them for birthday. I think that is a nice thing, because perfumes can be expensive.

Bazinga said...

Your bear hat is really awesome :3

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

@ Chris and Bazinga, thank you very much I think my favourite thing about him is the fact that I can see strangers grinning in amusement when I walk past wearing him! Not in a bad way but he makes people smile :)

@Linnea that he does! Yeah perfumes are a nice gift to give, so many amazing ones out there. Do you have any favourites?