Monday, 11 February 2013

Outfit Post- Casual

Hey guys!

Although I love dressing up, I also love having days where I focus on comfort. This is something I wore on a very rainy windy day to do a few bits (i.e. run errands) and I wore it again a few days later when I had to get changed quickly after work to go out again.

Benson the bear that's a hat and the hat that's a bear
heavy coat and scarf
still actually quite cold but hey it could be worse
It's fairly basic, leggings with a long vest top from H&M to keep things covered
 but the best thing is this bat t-shirt that I bought from Zara in the January sales
It's velvet! How cool is this guy? Surprised I don't have a name for him because I
like to name inanimate objects
I didn't bother with any make-up but I did paint my nails in this very pretty shimmering white shade
Essence: 102 Sparkling Water Lilly 
I think its always good to have some quick and comfy outfits planned in case you are suddenly in a rush to go somewhere!

What about you guys? Do you have outfits in mind or do you just decide in the mornings when you get up?  What kinds of things do you wear when you decide to dress down for the day?

I would love to hear back!


AsylumAlice said...

That the most amazing thing...EVER! I do have days when I want to be comfy casual which usually means black jeans and a tank top. But I usually make up for boring clothes with fun accessories. Now I just need a comfy outfit that is WARM! I have a lovely jacket, but its white...and fluffy. Sort of ruins the gothy aesthetic. :)

Kamyria said...

What an adorable outfit, I love it... and that shirt is just the best!

Chris Hewson said...

Where did you get Benson?

If I didn't care about how I dress, I'd go out in public not only wearing a bear hat, but also Colin Baker's Doctor's 'explosion in a paint factory' outfit from Doctor Who!
As for what I actually wear, usually just dull navy or black shirts/pants, and that's it. I have a very bland taste in clothes! xD

As for the bat, maybe he could be called Orlock, or something like that! haha!

Bazinga said...

That shirt is really awesome!

I have to tone my style down on a daily basis because of my internship, so I have lots of basic items for daily wear XD

Laura Morrigan said...

I love the nailpolish, that bat shirt is great too!