Sunday, 15 January 2012

Gothic Confessions.

A whole ago I was watching a video by the lovely Kill Natalie of Youtube. In the video she discussed some of her interests which are not considered terribly gothy. If I recall correctly I also read some posts by bloggers who did something similar!

I thought it would be fun to share some non gothy interests and pursuits with you all.

1) I have a serious weakness for 90's boy bands such as Take That and Boyzone. I grew up with that kind of music!  


3) I wear Wellington boots to work with no make-up and look about as goth as a turnip. I also couldn't care less! I work with animals so eyeliner and lace would be slightly amiss in my line of work. :) I could probably make an effort and wear some gothy band tee's and hoodies but I'm just not pushed about appearing goth for work. A young Rebecca would be shocked at such a statement!! :) 

4) I am perfectly happy to leave the house with no make-up whatsoever, not even a hint of mascara. I generally let my clothes do the talking!

5)I have a huge fear of spiders. Love bats. HATE spiders. I could never wear spider jewellry. Arghhh.

6)I enjoy Marylin Manson and HIM but just cannot seem to get into Siouxsie and the Banshees!

7) This song. Not the band. The song. 

8) I prefer really early mornings to late nights! 

9) I'm not that keen on skulls. I have one cool skull t-shirt but I like it because it's fishnetty and see through! Some skull prints are cute though.

10) I love metal. Children of Bodom are one of my all-time favorite bands! 

What are your  gothic confessions? ;)
Rebecca. x


Anonymous said...

I hate spiders too! They completely freak me out. And like you, I love bats. My little non-Goth secret: I adore the B-52s and other college radio bands like REM. I'm also a big hippy at heart. Oooo, and Grunge. I like Grunge. :)

Alexandriaweb said...

I went to see Boyzone last year lol (and actually their dancers worse some fantastic corsets during one song!).
I think I might do an entry similar to this one at some point this week :D

Katelynn said...

Lol, you are not alone with some of these. We have the boybands, Hello Kitty, being fine going out without make-up, and liking the early morning in common.

Miss Eva Morgan Reeve said...

I love J-pop, Hello Kitty, pink glitters (I actually think glitters are magical) and I hate spiders.

Chris Hewson said...

Have you ever heard of/seen Fatal Deviation? It's an Irish kung-fu film that's the Emerald Isles' karate equivelant of The Room. And it stars Mikey Graham as the villain!!

linnea-maria said...

Wonderful post! I agree with you on point 4,8 and 10. My confessions are ; 1. I also go bare skin more than wearing makeup. 2. My wardrobe is a mix of black clothes and colourful folklore and 50's clothes, I like it all. 3. Since I have children I live a family life, not partying very much. 4. I decorate my house in light colours and white. 5. I grow my own vegetables.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

I love posts like these, that show we still have our individuality despite a common interest in a particular subculture. I think it's great that you don't feel pressured to dress Goth at work in order to consider yourself Goth. There's no rule that says you have to wear the clothes/makeup 24/7, and using good judgement at work is far more impressive than winning Goth points. :)

I am not into skulls either, and I do not like Siouxsie! I'm also not into Halloween, and I'm not fond of using black in my home decor (except for small accent pieces). And I love Counting Crows!! :-D

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Le Professeur I love grunge too! Love R.E.M :)

Alexandriaweb I'm jealous of your going to see Boyzone, I would LOVE to.

Katelynn, hehe glad to know I'm not on my own with some of these things ;)

Ms. Eva. I too like sparkles. They delight me.

Chris Hewson, no I most definitely have not but sounds like I need to take a trip to IMDB. That movie sounds amazing!

Linnea-Maria thank you so much for sharing. Woo for going makeup-less! I'm glad you liked the post.

VictorianKitty, it's nice to just get up and go to work without having to plan too much. Makes my day-off outfits more special and makes me appreciate getting dressed up more.

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Oh also, reat response guys thank you so much for reading and sharing. I really enjoyed reading your comments! :) x