Sunday, 29 January 2012

Fun Stereotypes.

In response to my last post I thought I would make a list of stereotypically gothy things that I enjoy/do. Not in a 'please stamp my goth-card' kind of way but more in a poking fun at myself kind of way! One of the things that I have really learned over time is that it is important to be able to laugh at yourself. 

1) Vampires. Good lord do I like vampires. The Lost Boys, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Interview with the Vampire, Blade, Nosferatu, Dracula etc. Love em all. 

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2) My room is plum and my bed-sheets are black satin. Because I think I'm a vampire.

3) I dye my hair black but only because other colours are far too time-consuming to maintain!

4) I love going to graveyards. I find them so peaceful and beautiful. There are generally no unpleasant young folks hanging around in them which is a major bonus where I live. 

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5) I adore Gothic architecture! I love the drama and elegance of gothic-style cathedrals. So inspiring.

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6) I pick things up when I'm shopping only to sigh and say 'it'd look better if it was black'. Don't lie. You do it too ;)

7) I love bats and cats! 

8) I love the works of Tim Burton, I think it's why I have a slight obsession with stripes. 

What kinds of stereotypically goth things do you enjoy? 

Rebecca. x


Cherish said...

Great post!

Hmm...I guess I also have a minor obsession with vampires, I LOVE Tim Burton's movies, I also like bats (CUTEEE), Gothic Architechture is a GIANT obsession of mine...and although I'm nervous about some graveyards, I'd like to visit an old one sometime.

Chris Hewson said...

So you've never seen any punk rockers partying and dancing naked at a cemetery while zombies rise?That's America for you! Haha!

As for vampires, I know a goofy low budget one (either the best or the worst kind), Vampire Assassin-it's a hammy sorta-Blade ripoff, which has a hilarious vilain who constantly rambles on about fate and destiny (yeah, the scriptwriter probably didn't know that they're the same thing) until the end, where he says a hilariously ridiculous, ncomprehensible and fun line!-"Now you know that fate and destiny are but two sides of a worthless coin, that should be given to a beggar on skid row!"

Chris Hewson said...

Also, yeah, gothic architecture is awesome!

App'y said...

I'm very lucky, on thursdays I work at a 17th century Gothic Manor House..It's so cool a pice of Architecture. c/w small private woodland as well.

Anonymous said...

Check out my blog; I nominated you for an award:

Celeste said...

It's always fun to prove Goth stereotypes. Me, I like the whole reading/ writing depressing poetry. :P

And cause you're so awesome, I'm nominating you for a [Dark] Sunshine Award! (again, lol)

Maeam said...

Yes, yes...Cemeteries, gothic architecture...Tim Burton (STRIPES!), bats, cats, vampires, and the color black, of course. All black everything!