Thursday, 22 September 2011

Z-z-z-z- zombies!

Zombies petrify me. Just throwing that out there! The idea of zombies gives me nightmares and I generally avoid them like the plague. 28 Days Later gave me bad dreams for around 5 weeks and The Walking Dead made me feel physically ill. Now. Whilst watching them in films and on television gives me the heebie jeebies, I have nothing against dressing up as one and having a hobble about the place.

What the devil am I wittering on about you ask? Well on the 29th of September Limerick County in Ireland will be host to a four day zombie festival! The event which is, rather charmingly, called 'The Outbreak' will see the streets of Limerick covered with the flesh eating undead. Pretty cool, huh? According to the website there will be flash mobs, parades, movie screenings, bands and lots of other fun things to do across the four days. Unfortunately I will be away the weekend that it's happening but if I wasn't going away I would definitely make an effort and try and make it to at least one of the days. I would probably go as a zombie Vulcan complete with green blood! I have the fringe after all...

Zombie themed events seem to be growing in popularity lately and The Dublin Zombie Walk appears to be becoming an annual event. Zombie walks are popping up all around the world and are a fantastic way to raise money for charity. There was also a zombie walk in Co. Galway during the summer. Here's a video from the 2011 Dublin Zombie walk to whet your appetite for brains: 

Looking to join in all the undead fun? Fear not! For October 29th is 'Thrill The World Day'. Thrill the World is a global event which sees people all around the world simultaneously dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller whilst dressed as Zombies! Go on. You know you want to! 
Austin Zombies. Image obtained here and labelled for reuse under Creative Commons. 
So there you have it! Zombie may not be real (right??) but they sure do seem to be invading the world nonetheless. Over to you! How do you feel about Zombies? Any fun zombie themed events coming up that you plan on attending?

I'd love to hear from you! In the meantime I'm off to compose my next post which is on a fairly creepy subject! Come back next time, same cat channel, same cat-time! :)

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