Saturday, 15 September 2012

Edgar the Sock Monster

So I'm quite sick at the minute and I made my first ever sock monster in a bid to cheer myself up. I took some photos and stuff to share with you guys.



  • Sock/s. I have two in case I messed up somehow
  • Colourful sock for contrast
  • Buttons for eyes
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Something to stuff your monster with. I used stuffing from a really old toy.

Lay your sock flat, cut down the middle of the toe part to make two ears. Then place your buttons and mouth on to get an idea of the monster's proportions and see how much material you can cut off for the arms.

Cut off the bottom part. You will then cut this part up the middle to make two arms. Cut up the middle of the remaining fabric to make the legs.

Sew the edges of everything to make it neat and hold together. It is important to do this when the fabric is inside out so that when you turn it the right way up, it will be lovely and neat. Leave a hole in the crotch area for stuffing. Heh I could probably have phrased that in a less vulgar way couldn't I... :p

Figure out where you want the arms to go. With a scissors cut a hole in the side to thread the arms through. Mine was exactly where the scissors is in the above photo. Now, whilst the rest of the monster is currently inside out, you actually place your arms through the hole right side up. Otherwise, when you turn the whole thing the right side up, the arms will be inside out. 

Sew the edges of the arms to the edge of the arm hole you made.

Turn your monster inside out and stuff it. Next add some eyes and a smile and whatever else you want and you have a sock monster :)

Mine is named Edgar and he is currently chillin alongside my fancy hair accessories. Like a boss.


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Eco In Black said...

I know what I'm doing with a favorite pair of socks when I shouldn't wear them anymore. Neat project!