Monday, 24 June 2013

Taking the Camera For a Walk

Hey guys!

I hope you are all well, it sure has been a while! I recently acquired a new toy- the Fujifilm Finepix S4300 and took it for a walk today. 

The Best t-shirt ever! Any SG-1 fans out there? 

The Battlestar Galactica necklace my boyfriend gave me for Christmas.
His sister hand painted it, awesome right? :)

 And these are some of the pictures I took!



Chris Hewson said...

Hey, welcome back!
Nifty photos, Rebecca!

Sary Walrus said...

The photo's are wonderful, lighting really does make a photo. :3

Also, I tagged you in a blog challenge!

Margaret said...

Very lovely pictures :3

Laura Morrigan said...

Gorgeous doggie! Is that your mum's one? I recognise it from your drawing! The cat looks a little miffed to be photographed, did you not ask permission? :P

Great photography.

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura tis indeed! Sybil is her name, she is the best :) He does look miffified alright, Sybil and my mam's other dog Milo were playing in the distance and he was watching them! He's not relaxed looking at all haha. I had permission! He was in stealth mode I think ;) :)