Sunday, 15 November 2015

Outfit Post-Bat Skirt

Hey everyone!

This is an outfit post from a little while ago before the weather here turned really bad. It's been windy rainy and miserable the last while, Winter has well and truly set in!

I am wearing a Hellbunny bat skirt, mesh tights, doc martens, cut out crop top from and a plain cami underneath!

The skirt is so epic and swishy, I have shown it before on this blog in my birthday post, I wear it a lot. Lately I've been wearing leggings instead of tights for extra warmth.

I love this style of top with the cut out! I'm also wearing my usual lace gloves. 

I had a boring jacket on top so nothing worth getting a picture of! 

That's it for today's post! What have you guys been wearing now that it has been heading into Winter? Do you layer up leggings and longer tops up with lighter things or do you have a separate Winter collection? Let me know in the comments! 

I layer everything up and have a few Winter items. I don't like big bulky jumpers and I'm very picky about what looser flowy things I wear!

Until next time,


Jade said...

Lovely outfit! Stylish and not too many details, which I think is great: that way the bats are in the focus. :)

Frilly Frenchie said...

lovely! <3

Chris Hewson said...

Oh no! Darn winter. May the hellbunnies keep you warm.

I love the skirt, Rebecca! It looks really cool

It's currently hot summer in my part of the world. What I'd *preferably* like to wear is a getup crafted from molded, un-meltable ice. ;)

Laura Morrigan said...

I love layers but it gets so hot here! The cut out top and swishy skirt are both great!

CatacombxKitten said...

Such a cute outfit!

The Phantom Cat said...

@ Jade yeah that is what I was going for! I used to like really busy outfits but lately iv been doing more simple things :)

@Frilly Frenchie thank you! <3

@Chris hah the hellbunnies have been keeping me warm :) Oh no thats no fun, warmth is nice but earth cracking heat is just no fun.

@Laura yeah layers are great and a style of their own in a way but not suitable for every climate! It gets tedious after a while to wear so many! Less clothing is less hassle!

@CatacomxKitten thank you! <3