Monday, 16 June 2014

Outfit and Makeup!

Hey guys!

I went to a barbecue recently and got some outfit pictures before I left! I rarely wear anything beyond training gear and pyjamas these days so this was a nice change! This was also my second barbecue this month so yay for socialising! 

Very happy with how this makeup came out! 

Very little black, mostly silver and purple! 

I chose my eye makeup to match the nails! Hey its the little things!

Ahhh socialising and talking to people!! The face of realisation. 

Simple outfit!
Tights 4 euro Penneys
Skirt 15 euro H&M
Top 8 euro Penneys
Belt 1.5 Penneys years ago. Its a jeans belt that I tigheted and looped around to
fit my waist. Really like how it pulls the outfit together!
Patent Docs as always! 

Plus lace cardigan!
18 euro Dorothy Perkins. Good quality lace- not scratchy or cheap!

Hope you enjoyed!

1 comment:

Laura Morrigan said...

Wow it is amazing how different people look with different hair! I know I do too! I like your hair both ways! I often wish I was a metamorphamagus like Tonks in Harry Potter so I could have different hair every day!