Saturday, 13 June 2015

Casual Outfit, Hair Updates and Art-Work

Why hello there fellow goth bloggers, it has been such a long time since I have been around this neck of the woods I can believe it! Today I put together a simple outfit today that I loved and I felt like making a blog post about it so here I am. 

All i had to do today was go out for a drive to buy something and come home but I felt like making a bit more of an effort with my outfit than usual. Lately I have fallen into the habit of wearing gym leggings and band shirts all the time which isn't really my style! Right now it is sort of warm sort of not here in Ireland (which is upgrade from the usual rain rain rain so yaaay) and so I wanted something light, airy, casual, comfortable but pretty and styled! I put together this gorgeous top from New Look with a pair of cut-off leather look jeans, a long dangling necklace and my trusty Doc Martens. I didn't wear make-up but I think the look was casual enough that I can get away with it.

Top 29.99 New Look
Jeans cut into shorts 10 euro No Name
Doc Martens 100 euro Korkys Dublin
Necklace- no idea! 

The top has sheer sleeves, a casual flowing look to the main body and it has a slit down the middle in the back which reveals a sheer panel underneath. I wore a plain black cami underneath, I don't mind showing skin or my bra but just wasn't feeling it today! 

I love the back of this top so much. I really
like when clothes are plain in the front and have a detail like
this in the back. Also with my shorter hair you can see it a bit better! 

The necklace I'm wearing came from a stall in Venice around 10 years ago and I love it so much. I think the long pendant goes perfectly with the loose flowy top.

Apparently I need more chap stick! 

I also cut my hair short and went blonde! I am actually growing my hair into a bob but I've had it in a pixie cut for the last 8 months or so which I have loved. The colour is great and I find it gives a nice contrast to all black outfits. I never ever thought I'd have short hair or blonde hair but now I have both and experimenting with something different has definitely given me more confidence! 

This is my hair from when it was done first with the blonde. It took like 3 hours and a LOT of bleach but my amazing hairdresser managed it! It has since had the ends bleached twice to lighten it up a bit more and it has definitely settled into a more natural flattering colour. Although I like how unnatural the colour looks in this picture! It took around a month to get used to my hair. I cut it all off and then bleached it a week later which I don't recommend! Even if you really want a drastic change its an awful lot to take in. I kept catching sight of myself in reflective surfaces and getting a small shock!

 Lately I've also been focusing on my hobbies and was inspired to take up sketching again! This is a sketch I did from a photo I took of my mother's tiny little dog. She is a Chihuahua Jack Russell cross and she is brilliant!  In the picture she is sitting on top of one of my fluffy socks that she stole from the washing basket *shakes fist* This took me about a week to do and I am very proud of it. I can't bring myself to finish it though, I don't know why but I'm like that when it comes to writing stories too! 

What about you guys? What't the craziest thing you've ever done with your hair? Or maybe you are trying to build up the confidence to make a big change now! I love love love anything to do with hair so I'd love to hear your stories! I've done so much with my hair at this stage. Poor poor hair. 

Thanks for reading,


Ladyfair said...

That necklace is rad!!

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Hahah it is awesome! One of those trusty things that goes with everything! Thanks for reading and commenting :)

Chris Hewson said...

Oh, cool! You've released a new blog post! Awesome! Sorry for failing to notice it for so long!

Wow, you look so different!

The most I've ever done with my hair is 'short back and sides, please', so nothing crazy from me.

I was on holiday in the UK (as well as Europe) a few months back, and it was surprisingly sunny and 'warm' for most of it! Though the weather instantly reverted back to rain the moment I stepped into Ireland, as you can imagine.

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Hey Chris! Sorry its taken me so long to write back to you!! Im a bad blogger these days.

Oh cool you were in Ireland, where did you visit? :) Thanks for your comment btw! I keep getting blanks everytime I go to blog if im honest, not sure why but I appreciate you commenting when I do!

Laura Morrigan said...

I love your drawing! I am a big fan of doggies! They are so adorable! You really captured that cheeky expression!

I love your hair! since I am going through your posts in reverse order it is going to be interesting to see what it used to look like! My favourite hair was my blue bob and I hope to go back to it in the future but I bleached my hair when it was too short and it all just stood up and had to be cropped and now I am still growing it out! Definitely going back to a bob but might leave the bleach for a while, I don't want to ruin it again!

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura thank you :) I tried! Haha she is perpetually cheeky, I love her!

Thank you :) Hah yeah I used to look a lot different I think, I like both ways but change is good too. Oh a blue bob sounds freakin amazing! Oh really? That sucks! Yeah bleach is tricky, I just go to a hairdresser now to get her to do it. I'm scared of the stuff to be honest. Coconut oil is great for bleach damaged hair though. I think shorter hair is the way to go with bleach. Unless you have long virgin hair but does anyone have that these days? Haha. The things we go through with out hair eh?