Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday Outfit of the Day- Understated Darkness

Hey everyone!
So lately I have finally broken free from a very long style slump and am getting my mojo back.  I went a long time with no distinct style, no fun make-up and generally just making no real effort. My sense of style got lost somewhere but it has been reborn, it took some experimenting with new things, some forcing myself to just do it and some definite mistakes but we are back in business once more. The result is actually really anti-climactic because its not terribly different to what I was doing before, it's just a bit more put together and more understated in a way. I've been feeling very inspired by post-punk, darkwave, 80's style and the earlier days of goth in general. I guess sometimes you have to break things down to their roots to piece it together again.  

Anyway, on with the show chaps! 


I went for pizza and cake today (as you do) and wanted to experiment with my hair and make-up a little bit. I remembered that my mother told me my hair reminded her of Madonna once and so I looked up some pictures earlier and saw that Madonna had a lot of volume at the roots. Luckily having short curly hair makes this relatively easy to achieve, especially on third day hair, all I did was run my fingers through the roots and rub at them a lot! Kind of like back-combing. Adding dry shampoo probably would have helped but I find it dries out my hair a bit too much if its not actually greasy when I use it.  I messed around with the curls and just kept pushing them up and back a bit which resulted in a fun hairstyle!

Wow thats close! I haven't done eyeliner like this in a loonng time!
It's not even at all but I'm happy enough with it. Practice makes perfect! 

For my make-up I wanted to channel a bit of Arianna Froxeanne from The Frozen Autumn as she does simple but effective eyeliner styles! And has short blonde hair too! I also darkened my eyebrows more than usual. I put a  small amount of black on top of the earthy brown I usually use and I also drew them on to be slightly more bold and square looking than I have been doing. I did so carefully though since the contrast against the blonde hair makes bold brows into quite the statement. I actually forgot to put mascara on which is an unusual omission for me but its not super obvious

My awkward 'I wonder has it taken the photo yet.. ' face
As for the outfit it's fairly standard and simple. I really like simple put together looks! I am wearing a lace trim camisole, a lace bolero, a really ancient waist belt, a wet look skater skirt and plain tights! I wore patent black doc martens and my favourite Beetlejuice bag along with a sparkly cat necklace. The waist-belt totally came off in the car after the meal though, I got my money's worth of delicious carbs thats for sure! 

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!!!

Look! He has little sparkly whiskers! 

So that's it! I'm writing this in my comfy loose pyjama bottoms allowing my food baby to settle! I really hope I can get back into blogging more again but I just keep going blank when I go to write anything down. I'm full of excitement and ideas one minute and then I open blogger, look at the empty page and I can't seem to channel what's in my head into a post! I probably just need to sit down and do it in fairness!

What has been influencing your fashion lately? Maybe the changing seasons have been inspiring your wardrobe or you've found a new band or singer you admire? 

Alternatively have you ever had this blogger's block issue I speak of? How did you get past it? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts, share them down below and thank you so much for reading my post and visiting my blog!



Laura Morrigan said...

You look fabulous! I am jealous of your hair volume, mine naturally does what it wants, has volume when it needs not to, is flat when I want volume!

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura awh thank you :) Mine is just always big. Except for about two weeks after I get the roots done :p Then its kinda flat and I can't touch it or I'll freak out.