Sunday, 27 September 2015

Some Wear Leather and Lace

Hello there and welcome to my blog!

This is an outfit from earlier in the week that I really liked, it was very comfortable and easy to move in whilst still looking nice .The whole thing was based around me wanting to wear this lace top that I made from lace tights a few years ago. I found it recently and decided to wear it  so I put it with this red lace shirt and some high waisted leather look shorts!

I love these things!

I wore this simple fang necklace from Claire's accessories.

My make-up was realllly simple as this was all put together in the changing rooms after training legs at the gym.  I find heavy make-up doesn't really go well after the gym as I remain red-faced and warm for a few hours afterwards despite cooling down, showering and washing my face. My make-up usually just kinda melts off my face! I have the usual foundation and concealer, eyebrows and then just brown eye-liner and mascara! 

Look! I got a bat! He hangs over my bed and has tinsel on him and red eyes. He is very cute! 

A recent purchase, I got a 5 album set from Bauhaus for I think 18 euro! I own very few cds but I want to change that and build up a collection because I just love having physical copies of things! Is anyone else like that? Seems like everyone is into digital copies of things these days. 

I picked up these lace fingerless gloves in Claire's this week too! They were around 7 euro and very handy to have. I lost my old ones, no idea where they ended up! I love these little touches that add something extra to an outfit! 

Pssst. Aren't these the cat's pajamas?! Sorry... Hehehehe. These are pink, fluffy and have cats on them. So I now own them. Naturally. Soooo soft and fluffy. 

Well thats it for this post! Hope you enjoyed reading, thank you so much for visiting my blog!



Chris Hewson said...

I really love your new look, Rebecca!

That bat IS cute! He'll make a nice Halloween decoration!...As well as all year round too, I'm sure. :)

I'm very much into physical copies of things, particularly CD's. I don't even own one that's digital. Granted, I barely own five physical CD's, so I too am in need of building up my collection. Preferably with lots of Alice Cooper!

What's Bauhaus like?

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Thanks Chris :) I love it too, it feels more me for sure!

He will! I'm glad I bought him, cat wait for more decorations to hit the shops soon. It's been slow so far though I suppose its not October quite yet so I should be more patient ;)

The best way I can describe Bauhaus is a wall of sound with this deep dark gloom to it. There is so much noise! Some of their songs are more a little more melodic than others but for the most part they are vaguely discordant and honestly just a bit strange. Peter Murphy has a great voice! They are well worth checking out! Not sure I've described them very well ;)

Also saw Alice Cooper play at a metal festival a few years ago, he was great!

Frilly Frenchie said...

aaaw vampire teeth pendant! so cool!

Lesthis gothworld said...

Very nice outfit!

Haha, I also have cute pyjamas, there is nothing gothic about them I tell you xD

The Phantom Cat said...

@Frilly Frenchie it is an awesome little necklace, one of those little buys that ends up making it into half your outfits!

@Lesthis Gothworld Thank you <3 hehehe I love cute pajamas! Hahaha nice to have both gothy and girly things :)

Laura Morrigan said...

I love Claire's, I got some lace gloves when I was on holiday in England from there! We don't have them in Australia although we have some accessory stores that are similar! Definitely jealous of the fang necklace, mine is smaller and gold, which I am not a huge fan of!

Love red and black together!