Saturday, 19 September 2015

Bat Themed Birthday, Outfit and Artwork

Hello there and welcome to today's blog post!

So I turned 26 on the Wednesday just gone and I had an amazing birthday! I went for a night away with my fiance and we actually ended up getting what we are think may have been the fanciest room in the place. It had a panoramic view of the sea front, it was kind of at the edge of the building so it stuck out from the hotel which is quite cool.

We went to an authentic style Italian restaurant where they baked my pizza base in the shape of a heart! I did some shopping and bought a ton of skincare stuff (not photographed) along with some Halloween themed things and some new sketching pencils. 

I took a lllot of pictures, enjoy ;)

My outfit was a Hellbunny green bat skirt with a cami and lace bolero paired with thigh high socks, mesh tights and docs. I was wrecked and tired looking so didn't get a close up of my make up but it was a green smoky eye to match the skirt. 

I wore my bat necklace which I love very much!

I bought these new earrings in Claire's! A bat and black cat. Can you tell I like bats? 

...Yes this is another bat! I think. I don't know for sure though, he is a bit of an odd  looking chap, he has no wings but he does have a tail. He is a keyring also from Claire's and I couldn't leave him behind! Look at that face! 

Then I picked up some darker sketching pencils, a light grey and a black colouring pencil which I needed to finish... 

This guy! Cesare from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. I'm still amazed that I managed to finish it as I rarely finish these things. I am very happy with how he came out! I love this film and re-watched it recently so I wanted to try my hand at drawing something from it as it is such a stylised film. 

Then of course there were the chocolates... So many chocolates. I love dark chocolate, these were amazing! Except for the Raspberry ones. Those were weird.

So this was the view from one of the windows in our room at night! I really wish I had a good camera for night photography actually. There was a couch by the window so we spent ages watching everything happen outside, all the passers by and of course all the dogs getting their evening walks by the Quay.

Earlier in the day I wanted to practice photography a little bit as the windows were huge and the corner of the room was shaped in an interesting way so my gorgeous fiance was my model for a while. He is a very chilled out person and very thoughtful too so I think this photo suits him very well! I love this photo.

So that's it. Overall it was a very relaxed day which made it so nice. We finished the day off with  Top Gear Special which was hilarious!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post! I hope you are all having a great September and are as excited about Halloween as I am!



Ladyfair said...

Happy belated birthday! That's such an adorable outfit. :)

Frilly Frenchie said...

you're talented!

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

@Ladyfair thank your for the birthday wishes and outfit compliment! Hehe I was pleased with how the look came together :) It's my favourite skirt too, it's so swishy. I had denim shorts on underneath actually in case a gust of wind threatened my modesty ;) Thank you for commenting!

@Frilly Frenchie thank you, that is a lovely thing to say! Thank you for stopping by and commenting :)

Chris Hewson said...

Oh neat, three new posts!...That I again totally failed to notice. Whoops! haha! At least it look me less than a week this time. I'm really enjoying these new posts, Rebecca!

That's a really fantastic Caligari drawing! And that's also a cool coincidence, for reasons! There are a few really neat things regarding The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (including a project I'm working on) that I'd like to talk with you about. I'd love to email you sometime, if you'd like!

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Hey Chris :) I'm really happy to hear that you are enjoying my posts! Been really nice blogging again. Thank you for commenting and reading!

Yeah sounds good! Its!

Laura Morrigan said...

Sounds like a great trip! Heart shaped pizza base! And so many lovely finds! I had a dress version of the green bat skirt but it was a bit small for me!