Sunday, 18 June 2017

Fresh Air and New Beginnings: Kitten Takes on Dublin

Good evening to you from the Emerald Isle dear reader, I hope I find you well! It has been so long since my last update here and so much has happened.

My last blog post was written when I was still self employed and myself and my fiance were living with his family. Now I write to you from the kitchen of our very own apartment and I feel so happy to have this space of our own finally. It has been beautiful weather in Ireland the last two days and as the heat winds down I am enjoying the breeze circling in from out patio doors. I have spent the day singing, drawing and we went out earlier for some coffee from our favourite spot in our new town, to have the freedom to spend the day like this has been just perfect.

It's Sunday now and I am off work tomorrow before starting again Tuesday to Saturday. I now have a full time job in the sales department for a very big company. It's an open plan call centre and to say it is a unique environment would be an understatement! I've been loving my choice so far and as I come to the end of month 5 there I have realised more and more just how important this move has been for me. I have learned so much and grown so much and that was what I wanted the most. Things had become stagnant before and I was in need of new challenges and opportunities.

The only downside is the length of time it takes me to get to work, I have such little time for hobbies during the week which can be a bit stifling. As free and accepting  as my work environment is,there is only so much room for self expression in a professional setting. Our aim will be to move closer to the city next year hopefully as this routine can only last so long but in general it has been a step in the right direction and a breath of fresh air.

On the less profound side of update land I am also very excited about the length of my hair! I have been patiently growing it now for a while and it is coming along nicely.

In terms of style updates I admit my style has been evolving too. These are some photos I took recently of a cute little dress I got for around Five euro from Pennys. I paired it with a lace shrug from Forever 21 I picked up many moons ago. I have been enjoying simple outfits more lately although I can feel the distant stirrings of new creativity with fashion,whatever that will entail I don't know. Monochrome and stripes will always feature but lately I have been so drawn to blue and red and bold colours like that.

For now I shall leave things there and cook up something nice for dinner. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Kitten- out


Lesthi said...

Nice to see you again! Lovely outfit as always :)
Congratulations on the new apartment but I hope you will find one closer to your job later on, it's so annoying when the commute takes too long!

Jade said...

Congratulations on the new job and new apartment! ^_^ Hope you'll have time to post again soon!

Laura M said...

Congratulations on the job and apartment! Your hair is looking great!

Minn said...

Nice to see you back und a lovely outfit!

Chris Hewson said...

Hey, Rebecca! Great to see you blogging again, and I'm happy everything's going well for you. :)