Monday, 14 August 2017

The Meeting of the Waters

Hey everyone!

Recently myself and Lennart took a roadtrip to Co. Wicklow to meet his mam and sister for a spot of blueberry picking! We met up in a place I'd never been called The Meeting of the Waters and then we took a trip around some lovely destinations in Wicklow as we scouted for blueberries. I took some pictures along the way for my blog as the places we went really were quite beautiful.  These first few photos are from The Meeting of the Waters where the Avonmore and Beg rivers merge to form the Avoca River. 

We stopped in a place called The Sally Gap in the Wicklow Mountains which is a road I know very well from childhood trips to visit my granny in Wicklow.

Next we saw 'The Guinness Lake'! I've never been before but it was so gorgeous. Wicklow is known as the garden of Ireland and I can see why.

Lennart even agreed to a photo which is rare! 

Little update- my colourist gave me a purple tinge to my blonde hair on my last visit, you can really see the contrast with this and the above photo. I love the colour and will be trying my best to maintain it!

Thats all from me, hope you are all keeping well. Thanks for reading! 


Bane said...

Gorgeous scenery! Thanks for sharing. :)

Laura M said...

I love the tinge in your hair! Do blueberries grow wild there? How fabulous! My parents used to have a blueberry farm and still have a few bushes!

Lesthi said...

I have tagged you in the darkling tag on my blog and I hope you will be back blogging soon :D