Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My Kitty: 6 Months Later

Hey guys. I hope you are all keeping well and that 2013 has been a great year for everyone so far. 

Back in July I got a cat which I posted about here. He was sitting on my bed today and it reminded me of a photo I took the first week I got him. I have had him 6 months now and he has really come out of his shell and funnily enough his best friend is our little black and white dog, sometimes all you can see is a blur of black and white as they roll around on top of one another playing. When one is bored they'll go over and try and start a mock fight with the other one but they have never hurt each other.

Below is the photo that I took when I first got him. He really hated that collar! The light fell so beautifully on that picture, its one of my favourites. 

This is the photo that I took of him today, he's filled out a lot especially around his face and he has definitely grown. We have been through a lot together already, in August he broke his paw and he ended up in cage confinement for around 2 months which was quite stressful. I felt so badly for him being locked up like that but he healed very well in the end. He has been to the vets a few times but is on special food now and seems to have settled into himself very well so I am very proud of how well he has been doing. We have always had family pets making Loki my first proper pet! 

How about you guys? Any pets or animal related adventures or stories? I would love to hear!

Thank you for reading everyone,


AsylumAlice said...

He's so cute!

linnea-maria said...

What a lovely creature :). I love cats and we would love to have one but since my partner is allergic to cats we have two budgies instead (or my son have) they are very young and a bit afraid of us still. We also have two bunnies that lives outdoors, I feel so sorry for them in this cold weather (-25) but it would be cruel to keep them indoors in a tiny cage as well. I have to make sure that they have food to eat all the time, thats keep them warm.

Kamyria said...

Awwwww... cats don't do well when they lose their freedom. I really feel for you and your kitty, that must have been tough. He is gorgeous and I see he is sitting on a comfy blankie!! I have a 2.5 year old Hercules and he is quite an individual. He fights with us for all the blankets in the house. Doesn't matter how many I buy he always claims them all... LOL

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

@ Alice he is quite a cute one! :)

@Linnea what a shame your partner is allergic to cats but that's so awesome that you care for these other animals instead!! I don't know much about rabbits actually.

@Kamyria Haha Hercules sounds like quite a character, have you had him since he was a kitten? Hehe its my big soft dressing gown he's on, I couldn't bring myself to move him!

Thanks for the comments guys and thank you so much for taking the time to read the things I post :)

Laura Morrigan said...

I love seeing pictures of animals growing up! Aw!