Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Outfit Post: Velvet and Frills

Hey guys,

This is just a post showing what I decided to wear today, hope you enjoy! I am currently looking out my window however and its raining and very windy *sigh*. Yay Irish weather! Picture this with a long black coat, a hood and a thick scarf. Maybe with some fingerless gloves. Oh well, at least I know my outfit is pretty even if no-one else will really see it! 

I am wearing a frilled jersey top from New Look, a velvet skirt from... somewhere... patterened tights from Penneys/Primark, patent docs which you can buy in  most shoe shops or online and a sparkly cardigan from Bershka.

I am also wearing this watch, the strap isn't that nice but I love the way the numbers are different sizes on the face.

I love this hair clip, it was around 3 Euro in Penneys/Primark many many moons ago.

I did my make-up using my Urban Decay Smoked Palette which i reviewed here. I used colours that were similar to my nails, which I showed here.

And throughout all the fuss of playing around with my tripod, angles, light and changing position several times Loki was dead to the world on my bed! I wish I could sleep like that.



Kamyria said...

Ok, this outfit is seriously beautiful, you're looking great! I hope you get to wear it again and show it off. Oh, and the little furball in the last picture is adorable! :)

linnea-maria said...

You look absolutely gorgeous. A perfect outfit to combinate with outdoor clothes and fight the elements :)

SaryWalrus said...

You look lovely and your Kitty is adorable! I love everything in your outfit from your lovely curly hair to your Docs. I could just steal it all! :3

Chris Hewson said...

Cool outfit/make-up!

AWWW, Loki is so adorable!
I wish my cat Elf would sleep dead to the world like that. Instead, she sometimes yowls loudly when I'm trying to sleep!

Bazinga said...

Oh I love everything in your outfit! I also especially like the way you've done your eye make-up, I wish I were able to do that ^^

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

@ Kamyria thank you so much! Yeah hopefully when the weather gets a little kinder I can lose the heavy layers.

@Linnea thank you! Hah the weather was particularly bad that weekend, so windy and horrible.

@Sary thank you! I used to hate my curly hair when I was younger actually but now I love it because it is naturally giant :p Hah he is rather adorable.

@ Chris haha Elf sounds like quite the character! That's a great name for a cat actually :)

@Bazinga I actually did very little! The trick is to really blend the colours together with a fluffy brush :)

Thank you so much for reading and commenting guys!

Mistress of the Ocean said...

You look GORGEOUS! I love everything you're wearing and the top picture you look like a doll <3

Laura Morrigan said...

This is such a cute outfit! I also love the hair accessory! Is that a rolled fringe? Thinking of trying that when my hair grows back as I find it hard to keep a normal fringe tamed.

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura Morrigan it's a Betty Paige fringe! Not sure if that is the same thing as a rolled fringe. I used to use a straighteners to curl the end of the fringe so it didn't lay flat. I'd spray TONS of hairspray on it and it would hold. Eventually one summer it just refused to behave no matter what so I started to grow it out. Then when I got it cut short it became the longest bit of hair haha. :)