Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year's Thoughts

Well, a new year has begun and I feel quite relieved about that. 2015 was not a bad year but it was a slow year in many ways, I spent a lot of it finding my feet which was a slow process and I wish I was there already. Building oneself up after a lot of difficulties is a lengthy process and sometimes feels like you are going backwards but here we are on the first day of 2016 and things are considerably more open and positive for the future! 

2015 Highlights

1) Starting to blog again even though I am painfully inconsistent with it. I am getting back to being more myself again and having this blog as an outlet really helped with that. Thank you all for reading and commenting xxx

2) Fixing my squat after serious hip pain for months. Last proper working session had me on 75kg for 5x3 which is a huge deal for me. That took a lot of persistence and many many tears. 

3) Getting my 100kg deadlift and 50kg bench press. Major goals! 

4) Starting my personal training business, very excited for 2016! 

5) Starting to draw and do photography again. 

6) Getting back to giving fewer fucks- life is just better that way. 

2015 Major Lessons Learned

People flippantly say things that can sit with you for a long time because they are unhappy with themselves and their lives. Or they may simply be ignorant and clueless.  It truly reflects more on them than it ever will on you. 

Someone said to me this year- If you have a talent and you do nothing with it then you are being selfish because talents are often there to bring positive things to the world and to share with others. Bring yourself into it less and just think about putting energy into the world. 

Its ok to be unconventional, creative and a bit odd.

2016 Goals 

1) Get our business off the ground and start making a difference in people's lives. 

2) Start doing something with singing because I like it. 

3) Squat 100kg, bench 60kg and deadlift 120kg. That would be a squat of just over 1.5x bodyweight, a 1x bodyweight bench press and a 2x bodyweight deadlift. That will require some serious training and work but I aim to do it by December 31st 2016. 

4) Keep drawing. I really especially like drawing because it totally shuts my brain off from the outside world which is quite the feat. I just need to remember to take breaks for food and things like that. I can easily go 4/5 hours at it thinking I have only been there for an hour. 

5) Continue giving fewer fucks! Encourage others to do the same. Put positive energy into the world and be happy!  

What about you guys? What were your highlights and/or lessons of 2015? Do you have any New Year's Resolutions or things you just want to achieve this year? 



Laura M said...

Yes, the fewer fucks thing for sure, hahaa!

Glad your hip is better, be careful with it! Good luck with your business!

Chris Hewson said...

Happy new year, Rebecca! May your 2016 be wonderful!

My current resolutions are to draw more, and to beat the writer's block I currently have with my blog.

Lesthis gothworld said...

Wow, you are a personal traineer :D I hope you will blog more about your business, this really interest me. ^_^

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura Thank you I will be! Learning not to push against my body, I have a hard time with that :p And thank your for the well wishes with the business. :)

@Chris Happy new year to you too! Those are great resolutions! Yeah writer's block really sucks. Hope you get back to it soon! :)

@Lesthi I am indeed! Hopefully I will get to once things begin to take off! :)

Thanks for reading and commenting everyone! Happy 2016 to you all xxx