Sunday, 17 January 2016

Outfit and Art!

Hello lovely reader and welcome to Sunday's post!

This will be a short outfit and make-up post along with a photo of my latest drawing! This was taken last weekend, the weather was really bright which made me think of wearing... *le gasp*... white! Shocking. It's just shocking- the goth girl wearing colour! Hehehe.

I was very happy with my makeup (I say that every week, my skills are limited so I just do the same thing all the time hah). I overdrew my lips with a nude lip liner which is why I have that silly pout in these two photos, I couldn't help it! Also I am growing my hair and it is starting to get longer which I am very pleased about, aiming for shoulder length hair as I miss my curls. Hope it doesn't take forever!

Simple smoky eye and winged eyeliner! Just look at those lengths of hair on the left though, finally growth! 

I have no idea why I look so smug in this photo... This was my outfit of choice, super comfy! Quite colourful by my standards. 

These are the cat ears I wear when I do my make-up to keep my hair out of my face! Love these things. I wore them out a few times and got miaowed at by strange men in Dublin so I stopped doing that. True story. 

The light in my room sucks in Winter so it has been damn near impossible to draw for probably two months. I have a daylight lamp on the way BUT we got some decent sun lately so here is what I came up with. Pretty pleased with how it came out. I have since bought an A3 sketch pad as A2 is very limiting in terms of how much detail you can fit in.

I am glad that Spring will be coming soon so there is more light, I love Halloween and Christmas and Winter but they can be very restricting months in so many ways.

Do you prefer the Winter or Summer months? Does the Winter gloom get you down or do you thrive around this time of year?



Laura M said...

Beautiful artwork! Looks like your hair is growing well, I am torn between growing mine and cutting it again.

I like autumn, summer is too hot and humid. But I do live in Australia where Autumn and Winter are mild by global standards!

Ramona said...

Good luck on fast hair growth! And that painting is beautiful as well! Winter probably is my least favourite season, i do like sparkling snow but it destroys hairdos and is cold and all that XD

Chris Hewson said...

Cat ears! Yaaay, so cute! Shame about the annoying guys.

Fantastic drawing, Rebecca!

I LOVE Winter gloom! It's great for inspiration! Summer is just the opposite. *melts*

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura thank you! Yeah I know that feeling about being torn with your hair!

@Ramona Thank you! Hah yeah winter is just not friendly to general aesthetics, wind ruining hair etc!

@Chris Thank you! Hah yeah there is that, it can make you feel v inspired for sure :)

Margaret said...

I really like your Edward Scissorhands drawing :)

The Phantom Cat said...

@Margaret thank you :)