Sunday, 10 January 2016

Outfit Post!

Hey everyone and welcome to today's blog post!

The weather has been so miserable lately and the lighting has been pretty bad which makes getting a good outfit post quite difficult but I got some photos of a recent look that I put together! Its a simple burgundy crop jumper and black printed pencil skirt. I added a simple black flower in my hair, did a smoky eye and chose a lip colour that complimented the jumper. It was all hidden away under a bit coat and scarf but that's Winter for you!

Very pleased with how this simple lookcame together, I've been really into lipsticks lately. I was an eye-shadow and eye-liner gal for so long! I never used to wear anything on my lips which makes me cringe a bit when I look back, I always look so unfinished in old photos. 

This is a close up of the jumper I was wearing, its pretty much my favourite jumper. I love the depth it has with the black running through it. 

My favourite black hair flower!

That's it for today's blog post! Do you guys have any trusty pieces of clothing or accessories that always seem to save the day? For me it's definitely hair flowers and scarves! Let me know in the comments!



Laura M said...

That jumper is a really cool colour! And I like the hair flower!

Jade said...

Lovely look! I too think that your red jumper is really cute. :)

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura thank you :) Yeah its perfect its not too big either, some hair flowers are massive and a bit... overpowering!

@Jade, thank youuu! Definitely a good find I think :)

Ramona said...

Red definitely suits you well, lipstick and clothing wise! <3

The Phantom Cat said...

@Ramona, thank you :) Definitely now that I'm blonde I'm liking the colour more. I never liked it a huge amount with my black hair