Sunday, 7 February 2016

Black and Purple plus YouTube Video

Welcome to another Sunday blog post!

I recently bought some really dark purple lipstick without realising just how dark it was. Once I tried it out I immediately got so excited because its exactly the type of shade that I have always wanted, dark and purple without being too dark. I decided to put together a simple plain black outfit around it with these tights I haven't had the chance to wear yet and a purple necklace to match.

I also recorded a video to go with it! Enjoy. 

Love these tights.

Simple cat eye and this amazing lipstick. It's matte but I got used to the feel within minutes and it didn't dry out my lips at all. Very happy with that.

I am beyond cool. Ja. 

Here is my video! I chose the song because I was listening to it as I did my makeup! Clan of Xymox are a fantastic band, I love their sound.

Thanks so much for reading everyone.



Laura M said...

Love the tights! I am so jealous of your hair, makeup, etc! Absolutely perfect!

Frilly Frenchie said...

So pretty and elegant in a dark way!

Chris Hewson said...

You're indeed beyond cool, Rebecca!

The video was definitely a fun and interesting watch, and I definitely liked the nifty conclusion of you showing your delightfully dark dress off! Your hair had kind of a Robert Smith vibe when you'd taken off the cat ears and were fluffing it up. :)

Neat music! I was going to ask you what GRWM stood for, too, but a google search just told me. :)

Lesthis gothworld said...

I love the color of the lipstick :D

Clan of xymox are indeed awesome! Do you listen to Ashbury Heights? Maybe you would like them.

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura thank you :) <3

@Frilly, thank you! That is definitely a vibe I like, dark and elegant :)

@Chris hahaha my hair reminding you of Robert Smith is definitely something I can live with! Glad you enjoyed the video, thanks for watching :) Hahaha learning the Youtubes Lingo!

@Lesthi thank you! I had heard them before but never much, thank you for reminding me of them! I just love anything synthy