Sunday, 14 February 2016

Monochrome! Plus another YT video.

Hey everyone! Welcome to today's blog post, I hope you are all well!

Last weekend I finally got around to wearing this black and white skirt! I've had it for ages but hadn't worn it before now, I was unsure of it since the print is very loud and I was worried it would make me look disproportionate but then I decided screw it and wore it anyway. I got it because it reminded me of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari with the design! 

This was the makeup! I've been wearing more eye-liner lately, I usually just do the top lash line but lately I've been doing the entire eye and I really like the effect with the blonde hair. My roots do need to be done but I also quite like the grown out look too.

I also recorded a really short little video to go with this post! I really like doing videos every now and again, I quite enjoy editing them and adding music! Enjoy.

Thank you so much for reading,


Laura M said...

Anything reminiscent of that movie is a good thing! Your hair is looking awesomely white and going very well with the monochrome look!

Lesthis gothworld said...

I also have that necklace :D

I think it looks pretty too with a little grown out look expecially that dark and white combination!

Lorkyn X said...

A really cool outfit, I love your skirt!

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura- hah yeah agreed! Thank you, I was having a good hair colour week. The next week it was too purple instead of just white.

@Lesthi- its such a great necklace isn't it, it goes with so many things! Yeah I think its all about how you work it.

@Lorkyn- thank youuu! Twas a bit of a gamble when I bought it but it worked :)