Sunday, 21 February 2016

T-Shirt Makeover-Some Rare PhantomCat DIY!

One thing you won't see too often around these parts, is DIY. It's just not my thing but I was having a strange issue with this The Lost Boys t-shirt- white deodorant stains that just would.not.wash.out.

Or scrub out. No matter how violent and irate my scrubbing became. *shakes fist*

This is such a good quality well made and epic t-shirt that I decided to breathe some new life into it by following a system I have tried on a few other t-shirts over the years (a lot of fails in there). I cut out the collar and cut off the arms in such a way as to just cut off the white stains! I then laddered the back to make it fit better and though it didn't really go according to plan, it's like 90% what I wanted so feck it!

I hate this part the most- cutting these lines into the back of the t-shirt. I have no patience. Takes forrreevvverrrr.

Really loving how it turned out and will probably be wearing this a lot!

 I like the pop of colour with the red cami underneath! 

What about you guys? Do you like to modify clothing when it gets too tatty? Do you have a lot of patience for that kind of thing?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


Laura M said...

Great work! I'm not sure I could do the laddering thing without wrecking the shirt!

Chris Hewson said...

It looks lovely, Rebecca! Great job!

I don't really have the patience either to modify clothes. Sometimes if the ends of my pants legs are getting a bit tatty (because I'm rarely able to find pairs with legs that don't drag on the floor), I slice them off with scissors, but that doesn't turn out so well sometimes, and it ends up hastening their demise.

As for other DIY projects, I plan on trying out some cross-stitching. Some dark and ghoulish ideas, of course!

Lesthis gothworld said...

Haha, what a coincidence, I did stuff like that with 3 t-shirts yesterday! Little different design, but no I have no patience at all so mostly stuff so I didn't have to sew to make a change on them :'D

Jade said...

That top looks fantastic and super cute! ^_^

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura I practised a lot on old t shirts before I tried!

@Chris haha trying to get jeans to fit right and/or be the right length is so annoying haha :D Oooh dark and ghoulish cross stitching, I like the sound of that!

@Lesthi haha great minds :D ;)

@Jade thank you I'm really happy with how it came out :)

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