Monday, 31 October 2011

Gothic Blog Award

Hey folks!

I'm very excited to say that I received the Gothic Blog Award from Sabayon over at Ruffles Not Diets! Thank you so much Sabayon and thank you for the kind words in your post. I love reading your blog and it's lovely to know that you enjoy mine! I intend to compose many more posts on Irish and Celtic mythology over the coming months. :)

I think I shall follow suit and forward the award to three bloggers who have yet to receive it! Since I started blogging I have seen and read so many fantastic blogs, making this choice extremely difficult to say the least! My choices are

From the Other Side: I love Kamyria's blog so so much! She posts on lots of different things and I love it all. I love the way she writes, she seems so genuine! Each post always has a personal touch which makes them a joy to read. She is also one heck of a well dressed lady :)

My Spot in the Spectrum: I really enjoy Snowhyte's blog! She mostly does style posts and I especially love her nail posts! Her photographs are always clear and her posts are well-written and so enoyable! I love her sense of style and the way she does her make-up.

Geeky Goth Girl: I love Jamie's blog! She has a wonderful talent for DIY and always looks fabulous. Her themed outfit posts are so much fun to read and I always look forward to seeing what her next look will be! She has some seriously delightful items of clothing and I love the way she combines accessories!

Now ladies, the rules say that once awarded you must then go and pass the award on to three of your favourite blogs. So enjoy selecting!

Until next time, i.e. until my Monthly Theme Post tomorrow!



Snowhyte said...

Thanks so much! I'm very honored :) and love your blog as well!

Jamie said...

OMG, thank you so much-I feel so honored! *blushes* :) Can't wait to pass it on!

Kamyria Magdalena Mourn said...

Wow! I feel very honored Rebecca, I never saw that coming! Thank you so much and I can't wait to pass it on.. Congratulations on your own award btw, your blog is awesome, I love it. :)

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

No problem guys, you all deserve it!! :)