Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stuff That I Wore and Bought!

Hey guys!

One of the reasons that I never do outfit posts is because I spend a lot of time at home these days and never wear anything particularly thrilling. However last weekend I went to England to visit my boyfriend and managed to take a few pictures of some of the things that I wore! I also took some photos of stuff that I picked up over there, mostly make-up. I wish we had as much choice with make-up here in Ireland, I was amazed at the variety of products that are available in England. MUA is my newest obsession, most of their items are only £1 and they're quite good quality! Amazing!!

Anyway, on to the photos!

The left is the full outfit and the right just shows my Star Trek t-shirt! Love that t-shirt...
 Cardigan 10 Euro in Primark.
Star Trek t-shirt 6 Euro-Menswear in Primark
White cami 2.50 Euro in Primark
Black body con skirt 5.00 H&M
Black tights- I think a 2 pack for around 3 Euro in Primark.
Doc's 120 Euro from Dublin many many moons ago.
Dragon necklace- around 3 Euro in some shop that has since closed!
I'm also wearing tights as arm-warmers, they ripped so I decided to put them to good use,
I blogged about them before, here.

Black shirt 15 Euro H&m
Waistcoat 3 Euro Primark sale
Skirt with star print £5 Matalan
Tights 3 Euro Tesco
Docs-as above
Cameo necklace 4.95 Euro H&M
Excuse the blurry photos!

I wore the above outfit to The British Museum. I felt the shirt and waistocat would be suitable for such a venture! The museum was amazing! I saw the Rosetta Stone in person and lots of other Ancient Egyptian artefacts, I am hugely interested in Ancient Egyptian history and culture so that was actually just so amazing! It was crazy to see this small slab amidst the huge sculptures and tablets and to know that without that stone we would know nothing about the culture. The whole exhibition wouldn't exist! I've wanted to go The British Museum since I was a young-un. Alas Brendan Fraser was nowhere to be found in the Egyptian exhibition. This saddened me.

 Black cardigan 12.99 Euro H&M
Plain black t-shirt £3.50 Matalan
Skirt 12 Euro on sale in New Look
Hair clip 2.50 Euro Primark
Silver Cross 8 Euro Claire's Accessories
Lace Scarf 3.00 Primark
Ripped tights in two pack for around 3.00 Euro Primark- ripped by me
Docs-As above

And now just some photos of some things that I picked up over there.

MUA eyeshadows- £1 each. Can't go wrong!
The purple looks pink but it's quite purple in person, very vibrant!  

Since I'm so pale I have a hard time finding foundations to match my skin tone, the palest shades generally make me look slightly yellow or worse-orange!! My MAC studio fix in NC15 has a yellow tint to it so I wanted a white foundation to tone it down. I decided to go for an expensive option and bought Illamasqua Skin Base in white for £25. I didn't think I'd be anywhere that sold Stargazer foundation so I figured what the hell. Of course the very next day we happened across a shop which did sell Stargazer! Oh well, I'm extremely happy with the Skin Base.

The top shows the MAC on its own
The middle shows the Illamasqua on its own
The bottom shows the two mixed together!
(I'm still playing around with amounts but as you can see it really tones it down)

And last but not least, meet Cat-ula. He is fluffy and delightful. Oh yes. And only £4. Feckin bargain. The shop I rescued him from was playing really awful music. He was happy to leave! 

I hope you enjoyed the read/pictures!

Till next time my dears!


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

I totally love the cardigan in the first outfit! It's perfect how you styled it with a bit of white, too. All of your outfits are adorable!!

I'm smitten with Cat-ula. So glad you rescued him! ;)

Pale Lady said...

I love all of your new treasures, especially Cat-ula. He's got tons of personality!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen Halloween III: Season of the Witch? That is a very fun halloween based film that is very halloween-y with an AWESOME villain, the Irish Conal Cochran, who wants to bring Halloween back to the old ways and kill the world's children. The film is about Samhain and stuff like that, and shockingly, the actor playing the villain actually pronounces Samhain CORRECTLY! If you haven't, watch it as soon as you can, Dan O'Herlihy is one of the best horror film villains ever!

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

@VicorianKitty. I'm glad you enjoyed my outfit pictures! Yeah I love that cardigan, it's nice and easy to style! Hehe Cat-ula was also happy to be rescue! :)

@Pale Lady. He does! He's really cute and everyone loves him so far!

@Anon. No I haven't heard of that movie but it def sounds like something I should check out! Thank you so much for letting me know about it!! :)

Thanks for the comments guys! :) x

Jamie said...

Ahh, ADORE the Star Trek t! And the lolita-esque outfit is just too cue-I love the combination of the ripped tights and elegant skirt/blouse!