Saturday, 22 October 2011

Pop-up Dracula Review!

Well hello there lovelies, I hope you are all enjoying the October month and are well!

A while ago I bought the cutest thing ever, a pop-up book version of Bram Stoker's Dracula. It struck me as something that others would be interested in so I opted to do a short review!

Since its a pop-up book I got a lot of comments from people about my age (I'm 22). Yes it's a pop-up book but it's adult friendly! 

So it's all about aesthetics, is it prettiful to look at? Yes, yes it is. The front cover is simple but effective, featuring a blue-tinted bat flying away from Castle Dracula. The castle is drenched in shadow and is perched atop a grey hill. I'd be lying if I said that the front cover wasn't an important factor in my decision to buy this book! Each double page features one main graphic pop up and two smaller collections of pop-ups, one on the left and one on the right. The artwork is fantastic and it's really quite delighful to watch the story unfold (hehe pun) through this medium.

One of my favourite things about this book is the section which shows the drama in the Demeter ship. There is a movable ship wheel and the Captains diary entry is written on a mini pop-up book (a pop-up book inside a pop-up book, minds be blown). You can even turn the pages! Stand out pop-ups include the one of the wolf leaping from The Demeter, a crazy Lucy clutching a baby in the graveyard and Johnathon staking the Count through the heart.

Which leads us to the next issue. Does it remain true to the novel? Well, no. There are changes. Johnathon does not stake Dracula in the novel, rather he gets him in the neck with his knife. It is Quincy Morris (such a dashing name) who manages to stab the Count through the heart!

One change which I'm not keen on is the fact that Renfield isn't in it. I love Refield, he's the coolest loon ever. Even when Buffy tackled the Dracula thing they had Xander assume the role of the bug loving nutter. Peter MacNiol makes an awesome Renfield in Dracula Dead and Loving it.  Renfield should be in everything. 

Also some of the pop-ups don't really open fully and when they do, they don't close fully. The side pop-ups are a little confusing- they should be read from back to front and not from front to back! 

Wolf pop-up

In all honesty though, it's still well worth picking up. It adds something different to the story due to it's pop-up form and it is a highly enjoyable read. The faults I list are tiny in comparison to how much win this book is made of! You can buy it from Amazon here

On the topic of vampires, check out my vampire mirror poster thing. It was 1 euro in a Euro2 shop. Despite being made of plastic, it is surprisingly non-tacky looking. I loves it.

Come back soon-same cat channel, same cat time!

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