Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Finale

Hello lovely reader and welcome to today's post! 

This is my final post of the Halloween season and I will be showing my last few purchases, a favourite outfit and some photos from a Halloween decoration scouting trip! The fact that this is my last Halloween post makes me a bit sad but also excited since it means that Christmas is coming and I LOVE Christmas! 

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So recently I picked myself up this gorgeous rust coloured scarf as the colour (gasp-colour) is very very Autumny! I I had wanted something seasonal to add to my wardrobe and this was a perfect purchase at 6 euro! Photographed below is a favourite festive look of mine from a few weeks ago featuring a wet look skirt, ghost jumper, bat necklace plus the new scarf. We were going Halloween decoration shopping and so I put this look together.  

The make-up that day was an experiment as I don't usually work with these kinds of colours on the eyes but I kept it simple and did plenty of blending! It is a gold colour mixed with browns and liquid eye liner. I have worn this look a few times since and it I really  really like it.

We went to check out a local garden centre's Halloween display and although they had a few things,I didn't end up getting anything! They were selling scary trees though. Which was interesting. 

So dubious

Shaking hands with a gigantic spider. I actually hate hate hate spiders but this dude was sorta cute.

Sooooo the garden centre are way ahead of the game and have a massive Christmas display up already! As I said I DO love Christmas but I don't like seeing shops set up quite so early! 

I did not end up picking up very many additional decorations this year, I don't really have the space in my current living situation but I did this guy for 2 euro, I am a sucker for stripes.

I also picked up this bat keyring he lights up and makes weird noises! I love him. 

I had a really great Halloween season this year and I especially loved taking part in The Curious Professor Z's October edition Homework challenge. I will be out tomorrow so who knows what Halloween reductions will catch my eye, November the 1st is a good day to pick up some bargains! 

Will you be filling up your shopping basket with Halloween savings tomorrow or this week? Are you excited for Christmas too? 

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed your Halloween this year! 


Chris Hewson said...

Happy Halloween, Rebecca! I'll be sure to email you some photos from my day, as well as of the thrifty decorations I had, too. My day...could have been better. One of the problems was with how Halloween isn't celebrated in Australia, so there was no atmosphere, and it just felt like any other day.

Some day, Christmas decorations are gonna be up so early, they'll start in December again! haha!

That little striped guy looks wonderful, as does the bat keyring! You find the best stuff, Rebecca!

I'm glad you had a great Halloween, and may you find many awesome reductions tomorrow! :)

Frilly Frenchie said...

Last year same day of the year I was in the psych ward missing the halloween celebration for the 1st time. This year I dressed up, gave away treats, and I'm enchanted by the pictures of the celebration and the cosstumes on the blogs to which I subscribed. Happy Halloween to you, thanks for the awesome pics!

Laura Morrigan said...

Not sure if I commented or not as I often read these on my phone and then cannot comment from it! Love the makeup and outfit! All the trees and giant spiders and such are so cute!

Ramona said...

the new scarf looks great on you! and well, not only christmas but also people will have another year to create new things for next halloween season ^_^°

The Phantom Cat said...

@Chris, yeah I have heard that a lot! Other countries don't celebrate Halloween, it sucks although I feel like Ireland is going that way now. Christmas is taking over, I guess more people spend their money on that so shops have to cater to that and each year we get less of a Halloween season. Hahaha I managed to pick up some awesome finds. The bat keyring keeps making noises when he is in my bag I have to be careful what way I place him :D

@Frilly Frenchie Oh my god I am so happy that you got to spend your Halloween the way you wanted to this year! <3

@Laura the giant spider was so goofy looking that he didn't freak me out at all which was good, I am not a fan of spiders!

@Ramona this is very true! Another full year to be creative and come up with ideas haha. Another year to find the room in the house to fit more purchases next year ;)