Sunday, 4 October 2015

80's inspired make-up, Doc Martens and Gym Equipment

Hello everyone!

Last weekend I was in the mood to try something different with my make-up and so I did an 80's inspired make-up look rather than sticking super closely to the actual style. I made the inner corners of my eyebrows more pointed and I took my silver eyeshadow up to meet my brows in the inner corners. The effect is subtle and easier to wear in the day-time but it is still very much visible.

My outfit was really simple, a zipped bodycon skirt, plain black tight 3/4 sleeve top, meshed tights and knee high doc martens along with my bat necklace. I pinned my hair down on one side too.

Soooo serious

Tis Autumn and tis cold and so I wore my leather jacket. This was 7 euro in a charity shop and its from Topshop so it was probably originally at least 50/60 euro so this is one of my better finds! It goes well with the overall style too I think. 

I dusted (literally) off my knee high doc martens too as I haven't worn them in aaages. They are very comfortable but lacing them up does get tedious! I usually only lace every 3rd or 4th hole in fact. 

A more recent purchase! These tights were 3euro in Penneys/Primark and they are gorgeous, quite thick and good quality. I'll obviously have to be careful not to catch them in anything but they are quite well made, not flimsy at all!

In other very exciting news, myself and my fiance's gym equipment finally arrived!! We are starting a personal training business and obviously needed the equipment before we could really begin. This is our set-up and it is everything we need to start helping people get stronger, healthier and happier! I am a fan of teaching classes and so will likely be doing that in community halls too. Very exciting weekend and exciting times ahead!

How do you like to spend your weekends? Do you like going out and doing lots of things or do you like your weekend to hide from the world and regroup in your own space? I like both depending on the weekend. Sometimes going out and getting things done is me doing 'me' time too.

Thanks for reading,


Frilly Frenchie said...

great look!

Chris Hewson said...

Wow, you really look gorgeous, Rebecca!

I spend my weekends away from the world, as I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, so there's nothing out there for me to do. Not until I move, anyway. :)

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

@Frilly, thank you! :) Thanks for reading <3

@Chris, thank you so much! :) Ah yes, small towns aren't much fun! Will you be moving to a bigger city?

Chris Hewson said...

Yes, hopefully to Canada, where the summers won't be actively trying to kill me. :)

Jade said...

Gorgeous outfit, and I really like the make up! :) I wish you good luck with the nex business!

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

@Jade thank you so much! And thank you for the good luck wishes, that is very nice of you :)

Laura Morrigan said...

The makeup is awesome! I have not reached that skill level yet!

Those tights are great too!