Wednesday, 14 October 2015

What I Love About This Time of Year- Homework Assignment

Hello there gorgeous reader and welcome to today's extra special blog post!

The Curious Professor Z set her readers the lovely homework assignment of creating a post discussing what we love about this time of year. I think this is a great idea and a lovely way of spreading the Autumn spirit around, I love this time of year and I cant wait to read everyone's posts! 

So without further ado I shall begin my list!

I love the clothing and accessory options available during the Halloween season! I got these bat and cat earrings along with this scarf recently and I just love them. They make me so happy.

I love the buying of the things. The many things. The many unnecessary things ;) 

This is the time of year for me to be suddenly very creative which is great! The perspective is off in the pumpkin picture but I thought these sketches were very appropriate. There is something in this time of year that sparks my imagination, I don't really know if it will last. Winter gets a bit dreary and draining but I will try!

Everything looks extra pretty and epic around this time of year, the forests and woods are glowing in rustic autumn shades. Here in Ireland it's not super cold yet either, rather it's fresh and crisp which is one of my favourite things about this time of year. Crisp days that are sunny and just scream October is here!!

Labelled for Reuse. Click for source

Touring Halloween displays and decorations is of course something that I love doing! Possibly repeat visits to the best places. Maybe. 

Very dubious about this tree. Saying hello to a spider. As you do.

What would October be without reruns of classic spooky films and tv shows? Well it would be the odd month out mostly considering that I watch this stuff year round BUT it makes for extra special viewing around this time of year. 

I also love watching YouTube videos where people show what they have been buying, wearing, their costume ideas and their home decor. My blogger dashboard fills up with posts from everyone sharing their Halloween goodies and it just makes me so happy to see.

Those are all the main points that I wanted to share, I think the unifying theme here is really just that this time of year makes me feel extra happy and to see so many others who feel the same way is amazing. When you don't really know many alternative or gothy types in real life it can feel a bit weird being the only one you know who is this excited about October and Halloween but a trip online reminds you that plenty of other people are equally as excited

Thank you so much for reading, I am off to read all of your amazing posts now!



Lesthis gothworld said...

Those earrings are totally awesome :D

I wish there would be more Halloween related animated movies like Nightmare before Christmas!

And I must say I really really love the shade of your hair!

Chris Hewson said...

I like the blog redesign, Rebecca! :)

I'll have to make a post like this once I'm done with all my other chores. I've got past reviews to catch up on, as well as present Halloween ones, and writing stories to get to before the start of December! A lot to do, and I also have to marathon The Worst Witch, as per my October tradition. :)

The Phantom Cat said...

@Lesthis Gothworld, Haha I love the earrings so much. A more interesting alternative to a plain stud although they can be nice too! I agree, I'm not much into scary scary horror and so things like TNBC are great they are atmospheric and spooky but won't give me nightmares! Thank you, it was a a little tricky to get it here but having shorter hair helps and now I just mix up a toner at home to keep it more white!

@Chris, glad you like it! :) It was in need of an update and luckily it just needed some tweaking rather than a complete overhaul! Do, I'd love to read your Halloween post :) Haha Halloween marathons are always the best. Its my main way of celebrating Halloween and Christmas, watching every movie related to them that I can get my hands on :p

Laura Morrigan said...

I love the earrings! The drawings are great! I love your drawing of the somnambulist from Dr Caligari!

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura I am very proud of my Cesare drawing, thank you for your kind words! I listened to a great song called 'The Cabinet' by a band called 'Das Kabinette' if you like the movie you might like that song, it's on youtube :)

The Professor said...

Ooooo! I love your drawings! :) I agree with you, there's something about this time of year that sparks my creativity as well. I always seem to write and think better in the autumn chill! :) And the changing trees are just divine!

Thank you so much for participating!

Ramona said...

soooo true, i always get happy seeing what other people got during halloween shopping - it is like buying things without having to worry about money or space! <3

and may i just say how much i adore your header picture for your blog?

The Phantom Cat said...

@The Professor thank you so much for creating the assignment :)

@Ramona, yeah exactly! Its just fun to see what things people find, some people notice things that you might miss too and you go back out and see them yourself! Thank you, I am happy I got the photo when I did, its waaay too cold for that carry on now! :D