Thursday, 8 October 2015

Oufit, Halloween Shopping and my First Youtube Video (eeep)

Hey everyone and welcome to today's post!

So at the weekend I took myself Halloween shopping, it was admittedly a bit disappointing as there isn't much selection where I live and a lot of shops sell the same things. I love what I bought though and so naturally, this means a blog post and many pictures!

Enjoy :) 

With my make-up I did an Autumnal look with a dark plum lip and although you can't see, my eye-shadow was a purplish reddish colour. I kept the eyes smoky with some Kohl pencil instead of the usual liquid liner. 

My outfit was the very comfortable combination of a high waisted skirt, tights, docs, The Cure t-shirt, lace tights as arm warmers, lace fingerless gloves and I also have a vest underneath the band tee for warmth! I just wore a leather jacket and black scarf on top! I had shorts underneath my skirt too, my trick for wearing skirts in a windy area! 

The skirt has a scalloped edge, its sooo nice. It's

So these are my purchases!

When I came home I randomly decided to film a video showing everything! I don't look my best in it because I was tired after the day and my make-up had faded but I hope you enjoy it. I have a second outfit video filmed and ready to post in a few days time so hopefully I might get to make the occasional video to accompany this blog and spice things up a bit! 

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Chris Hewson said...

Neat video Rebecca (funny, too!), and very thrifty buys! I shall have to share my Halloween stuff with you soon, when it's all ready. :)

I see you're a fan of The Cure! :) I've been meaning to listen to their music for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it yet. The only one I know is Friday I'm in Love, which I love!

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

@Chris, thank you! Glad you thought it was funny!

Yeah I do love The Cure, I mostly listen to the albums Disintegration and Pornography. I love them :)

Chris Hewson said...

Distractions and Pornography? Haha, I'll have to give them a listen.

By the way, what was the song in that video?

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

No, its Disintegration! Not distractions :) Eh the Halloween one was Halloween Chaser by Teknoaxe and the oontzy one is Underwater Beats Wonderland by Royalty Free... Bitches :p That's the channel's actual name!Just some random music really!

Laura Morrigan said...

omg scalloped skirt! So jealous!

I adore The Cure!

all your finds are fantastic!