Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Essential Horror Movie Survival Guide

Hello everyone and welcome to today's blog post!

Recently the company Man Crates invited me to participate in their Essential Horror Movie Survival Guide blogging challenge. For the post I was asked to come up with 10 things that I would want to to have with me in order to survive a horror movie! As they are a company that focuses on creating unique gifts for men that all fit in a crate, I limited myself to these 10 choices.

1) Comfortable shoes that you can RUN in. This applies to any kind of horror movie really, whether you are outrunning a swarm of genetically modified bees, an agile bunch of zombies or a crazed knife wielding maniac then we want shoes that are up to the task.

2) A small hand mirror that you can use to look around corners.

3) Protein bars. These will provide some good nutrition, provide your body with protein to keep your tissues healthy and keeping protein high will of course help you to heal faster from any injuries. Plus you get to keep your gains brah. Maybe you can take a leaf out of Brock Lesner's book and just get your killer in a headlock, flex your bicep and knock em out that way.

4)Swiss army knife. Multi-functional, compact and sharp, the swiss army knife is a must for any horror movie survival pack.

5) First Aid Kit.

6) Water purifier.

7)  Mini flame thrower- If its one thing we learned from Ripley its that flame throwers are very very useful for killing the thing that is trying to kill you! This one is mini so that it is easier to transport when you need to move fast and so that it fits in the crate. Winning.

9) Night Vision goggles.  Perfect for those situations where the power gets cut by the axe murderer or zombie movies where you have to move around at night! They also serve as protection if you are fighting zombies and want to keep any fluids from getting into your eyes.

9) Trench Tool. This is a collapsible spade with different attachments,usually some combination of spade and pickaxe. This will help you through many situations, it can be used as a weapon, to shovel your way out of snow, it can be used as a stake when building shelter or to hack your way through a door if you need to escape!

10) Kettle + Teabags. Look, a lovely cup of tea fixes a lot of problems in life. That cup of tea could be the pick me up you need in order to hatch a cunning escape plan!

Click for Image Source. It could be the day of the Zombie Apocalypse
Sit yourself down and have a lovely cup of tea.
You'll be the better for it. 
Well those are my 10 things! Hope you enjoyed the post and let me know what things you would want with you in order to survive a horror movie. Did I leave anything really obvious out?

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Laura Morrigan said...

Those all sound very useful! And of course you can't go without tea!

The Phantom Cat said...

@Laura haha damn straight you can't! Can always feck your cup of tea into your killers face anyway and make a hasty escape, right? I feel like I wouldn't last long in these movies...:D